Looking for a prop collector named Walter, gave someone a facehugger...


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I purchased an Aliens-era facehugger prop from a guy who got it when he was a kid. He was very sick and met a prop collector as a last minute Make A Wish Foundation trip. The collector ended up giving him a facehugger and telling him it was a very briefly used rigid foam piece that was thrown at actors in shots where such a prop would be needed, namely the infirmary scene in Aliens.

Any idea how I could validate this story? Any knowledge of a collector named Walter?
Anyone? I'd really like to be able to validate this piece, and this community being so large, I thought maybe someone might have known this person or the prop in question. Here's some pictures.

Photo Album - Imgur

I think you should contact the people at the propstore of London, they have been selling some face hugger items in the past couple months, and I know there are acouple people there who are big aliens fans, they could possibly verify if it was made by production or screen used, outside of sources like that you would need to get ahold of someone that worked on production, mainly tge prop department who can identify this piece, and that would be very hard nowadays. There are some people here on the board who might be able to help otherwise, hopefully someone will chime in.
Have you posted this over on the Aliens Legacy? Might have more luck.

Something to think about: Foam disintegrates over time. If the face hugger is from 1985 its 27 years old. 27 years is a long time for foam to hold its own. You face hugger should be a pile of dust by now. I wouldnt be surprise if it has movie lineage IE: made from molds of an original, but the superior condition has me thinking replica.
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I contacted the Prop Store and the young man on the phone was very polite and told me to email one of their main staff. He responded and basically said "we're not an authentication service."

Not much help there.
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