Looking for a member, but I only have his e-mail and real name.


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I have this problem: I once bought a prop here on the RPF from a member, but I don't remember his nickname. I do have some questions now about this particular prop. I do have his real name and e-mail address though. Is there a way too look for the nickname based on the e-mail address here? Or is there a staff member that could provide me with the correct nickname. I tried sending a mail to the e-mail address but got no response. Maybe my mail went to the spam folder, or the RPF member is not actively the mail address where his RPF account was registered with? Any help would be welcome. (Maybe I can PM someone who can do a lookup for me?)
Hey Art, I've send you a PM with the e-mail address and the real name of the member (don't think it's appropriate to place it on the public forum).
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