Looking for a Japanese live action SF movie/weapon ID.

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A while ago there was a thread about scifi weapons (what a suprise) and in the thread there were pics from a Japanese live action film. The weapons were M16s in a full clamshell enclosure with a thumbhole stock. It was long and rather square looking.

Does anyone recall what movie this was in?


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Nope, I've seen that one. :) I had the screen caps a couple
years ago before a HDD crash.

The M16 rifle clamsheel shrouds were long and very boxy. The pistol grip was a thumbhole style integrated into the stock.

The "soldiers" wore a near future military uniform.
That's a negative Ghost Rider. :)

It was a "full length" rifle.

Here's a TERRIBLE representation of what I remember it looking like...

It was very blocky and angular. Rather "industrial." Kind of like a bigger, blockier version of the Morita from SST. :)
Nope, it's definately an M-16 mod. I remember in the original picture you could see the magazine and the charging handle from the M16. It is a pretty long thing as well.

There was quite a bit of discussion about it back in the day in some all-inclusive sci fi gun thread. I'm supprised nobody recalls it. :)
A quick Google search tells me Daewoo makes a rifle called the K2 with a similar-looking receiver.
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