Looking for a decal scan


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Would anyone have a high resoltution scan of this decal from the Airfix 1:72 B29 Superfortress?


Any help would be much appreciated!
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This site has the sheet for 1 pound.
There are also aftermarket decals with the girl on them.
Pic of the decal on this site.
Looks like the 1 pound site has a min 5 pound order and only ships in the UK.
With the cost of postage on the Hobbylinc one, I would be better off buying the kit

I really need a high resolution scan so that I can create an accurate replica for the Narcissus.
I've found plenty of images (like the one you linked), but none high enough resolution for what I want.
I thought someone here might have had the kit and could do a scan - looks like I might have to bite the bullet and buy the kit :/

Thanks for the taking the time to reply and the links though - much appreciated.


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I'm about to buy something from KitsForCash, so PM me if you want me to throw the decal sheet in and I'll scan it for you.
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