Looking for a 3-4" acrylic gemstone


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Full stone or flat back? If you have any pics of the type of cut or stone your looking for that would be helpful too.

M Bison

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Flat back would be preferred. Roundish as well. Color can be any.

I'm making a Treasure Troll costume for a holloween party.



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I would definately try McGill's warehouse. They have all kinds of glass and acrylic gems. These glue chip clusters might work and they look like the right color.
$2.09 each 6in x 6in Glass Cluster - Tools and Supplies Warehouse

or you could try these and add a stain

The Avenue Stained Glass - Stained glass supplies and materials - Stained glass material suppliers for stained glass designs, for windows, panels, lamps, art, lighting, doors, templates, pictures, tiffany, churches, Christmas, crosses, and other reli

Here is anouter option which you could add a really nice opalescent paper to the back to achieve the right color gem.

Good Luck


M Bison

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Thanks for the suggestions. I would like to steer clear of glass as I will be wearing this costume at a party with lots of drunk people.

The color is really not an issue. It can be any color at all.


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An outside shot, hit Goodwill (or your local second-hand place) or large dollar store and check their glassware. A gaudy candy dish upsidedown could pass as a large gem and would have a low profile. Back it with foil for more sparkle.


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You could also look for a pre made mold and cast one yourself from Clear Resin. For color I have used simple food Color and it worked well. Or find a nice Glass Gem and then make a mold of it for casting. I agree Keep the Dangerous stuff away from the Drunk People. For the Pre Made stuff look in hobby stores for their Casting isle and sometimes you can find pre Made molds for things like Paper Weights. Also I have found some nice gem type molds with the Soap making Kits. Hope you find what your looking for.
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