Look what I found!!! Graflex... New Pics


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So I'm on fb marketplace last week looking through the antique section and I come across a Quebec antique dealer selling a Graflex with the flash intact! I couldn't believe my eyes. But the listing was posted "Over a week ago" so surely it was long gone. Apparently not! I bought it of course and it arrived today. Here she is in original, straight-out-of-the-box condition - dust, grime and all...











This is the first time I've held a genuine Graflex, so I'm a bit of a giddy school-boy right now.

Funny, I hadn't noticed this little detail before...


I don't think my Parks Graflex has it and for a second there I thought this may be a variant 3 cell of some kind. But I see the original had it. Phew!

So I guess I'm joining the ranks of genuine parts saber makers. I'll have to get schooled on the D-ring and T-tracks and of course find me an Exactra bubble strip. I may need to sell the camera to fund the rest of this build! Lol.

division 6

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Nice score. (y)

About 8 years ago at a consignment shop in town they had a full kit with wood box, glass plates and everything.
They wanted $1,000.

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Thank you sir, I've been collecting for about 10 years and this is the first I've come across. Perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime find? (y)

These graflex handles are a real treasure find... so its awesome you scored one.

So will you display as is in a case with a lightsabre or make a hilt?

Again, congrats to you sir, giggle all you want, such a great find and great story finding it.


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Nice score man!
Also funny little thing I noticed is that in the Hitler scene from Last Crusade you can see a graflex camera and flash in the group of photographers.


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