Long Overdue Ghostbusters Proton Pack Commission

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    Thanks to the VERY patient customer, no glamor photos as it had to get out the door as it was forever dragging on...

    Not a GB1 or GB2 specific pack and focus on simply making a nice looking prop and not getting crazy * on the small details as long as they were close...

    Short of the main wand body and grips the barrels and all the detail parts are aluminum, all real light caps and the sorts...

    Shell is my fiberglass shell, and all my parts with real fittings, real Legris elbows and straights as well as a real Clippard and some aluminum detail parts...

    Full lights and sound, and it weighs in at about 35lbs! It feels 'real'...

    My brother went hog wild on the weathering to give it hte 20+ year old used and abused look...

    Like I said no fancy photos we will have to leave that up to the client if he pokes his head in here and wants to take some photos once he gets it tomorrow morning...



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  2. Onkelpsycho

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    Really nice, Flynn...

    Looks "used for years".... :):thumbsup

    Are the tubes, etc. your resin parts with the wood core or aluminum parts?

    Hope to see you around somewhere online the next time... :)
  3. exoray

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    On the pack, it's all my wood cored resin tubes, the only metal parts on the pack are the found parts and the obvious, cable clamp, bumper knob and ion arm detail...

    Quick rundown on the pack...

    My parts

    • V71 Mark X fiberglass shell
    • Bumper
    • Injector Tube
    • Filler Tubes
    • Ion Arm
    • HGA
    • N-Filter
    • Booster Tube Plug
    • Booster Ladder Detail
    Metal parts

    • Namebrand's Bumper Knob
    • JPA35's Ion Arm detail
    • Hand Fabricated Ribbon Clamp
    • Hand Fabricated Injector bracket (can't see, it's under the ribbon cable)
    • JPA35's gun hook/bracket
    Real parts

    • Legris Elbows
    • Legris Straights
    • Clippard Valves
    • Clippard Fittings
    • Hoses
    • Theatrical Lighting Gels backed with frosted plexiglass
    • All Hardware
    • Crank Knob
    • Resistors

    Quick rundown on the wand...

    Cast Resin
    • St. Louis Kid Wand Body
    • I Believe early Throwing Chicken Grips
    • I Believe early Throwing Chicken Barrel Clamp Thingy
    Metal Parts

    • Barrel and Handle (Hand Made)
    • 'Ears' on the front barrel (Hand Made) welded to barrel
    • JPA35 Heat Sink
    • JPA35 Knobs
    • Namebrand's Metal Gun Track and Misc details
    • Namebrand's Barrel trigger tip detail
    • Namebrand's Replica Legris Fittings
    • JPA35's gun hook/bracket
    Real Parts

    • All real light caps
    • Real Clippard Valve
    • Hoses
    • Clippard Fittings
    Stickers on both the Pack and Wand are a combination of printed and laminated or metallic Hprops' stickers, and Namebrand's generation 1 rub downs...
  4. Utinni

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    Looks great! Any news on the Sound Board Replacements from the original run???

    - Jeff
  5. runnriottt

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    Looks the part for sure.

    I so need a sound board.

    Great job!
  6. PiCtO

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  7. Onkelpsycho

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    thanks... Good parts and good work...

    Looking forward to hear from you about a a set of tubes...
  8. alienscollection.com

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  9. exoray

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    Thanks Willie for the MUCH BETTER pictures vs my last second crash photos the night/early morning of completion before I rushed to get it boxed and out the door...
  10. Rylo

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    Makes me want one very badly! :love

    Great job!!


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