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HOLY SMOKES! this guy is so time consuming its crazy iam almost done i have some whiskers that go under his chin and finish mounting his plasma gun. feed back greatly apreciated. hope you guys like it.



No words to describe this one !

IS this a resin kit or a latex head with a resin body ?

And of course, THE question, is there any of this f...g great pred available for sell ?
Sexy!! you've outdone yourself this time around Juan.great looking piece
Issac I hate you! you have nothing but great looking pred pieces I hate you!! JK
Not sure of the scale or the history of this build up to now, but this is just f----ing brilliant. Great sculpt, paintjob and photographs.
One of the Lairs' best pieces of work in my humble opinion.
i just got home from work and have time to really take a look at this one.
Its mindblowing to say the least a brilliant idea executed to perfection ,, absolutely one if not the best pieces i ever seen.
Juan you have a great tallent bro beutifull work beutifull

Kind regards
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