London Film and Comic Con 2011


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So, they have a stellar line up this year, with Christopher Lloyd, Karen Gillan, Brent Spiner and Christopher Lambert to name a few!

My Missus and myself will be there again spending money we dont have on the Saturday.

Any fellow RPFers going to attend?
Hah, Just noticed that Corey Feldman is now attending too. At least I'll get to meet one of the Corey's.
this is uber tempting, but I dont have the cash and I move flat a couple days after. Would die for a photo with karen gillan...
It's nearly upon us, it's this weekend!

Anyone else going yet? Would be interesting to meet some fellow RPFers!
im there saturday, just pre booked my parking space - i want chris loydd to sign my flux and remote, may get lea to sign the flux too - thats the main reason for my attendance :)
I've pre-booked parking too, just in case I buy something large!

I can't decide if I should get Chris Lloyd to sign my Almanac or BTTFII Papers... I'll probably side with just getting a nice photo done :)
I'll be wearing (promoting) my RPF tshirt with pride, come and say hi if you see me wondering around looking like a lost dog...
i will be there hopefully dressed as 1985 marty,with the jacket,acurate shirt,skinny jeans if i can get in them and my original nike bruins:lol,main reASON is to meet Chris,and lea want chris to sign my replica marty and doc frame partners in time,or maybe my markpoon almanac, and lea to sign my outatime plate which already has claudia wells and marc mcclure on it:cool:thumbsup see anybody there on sunday i should be easy to spot[ short and marty lookin:lol
We made it here safely despite the many diversions set up by the helpful highways agency!

I'm in a shirt with a blue punisher skull and my Missus has a sequinned stormtrooper shirt on, come say hello if you see us!
Was there last night, Corey Feldman was a really nice guy. As was Jeffery Wiessman and Ricky Dean Lorgan. All had time for a chat and pic if desired.
By the way what problems did the highways agency cause you? (the other half works in the planning department and likes to hear ways to improve things)
They closed off The Strand without first putting up their diversion signs, leading to a bit of a hoo-hah with the holborn one way system. Luckily I know that area so we bludgeoned through!!

Now just waiting to get in and grab my tickets for Christopher Lloyd and whoever else takes my fancy!
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