LoL Jinx weapon builds (fishbones first)

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So I just realized that I hadn't posted this here. Silly me.

I've been commissioned by a friend to build Jinx' weapons; Fishbones, PowPow, and possibly Zapgun
(I'll edit in a character pic here later, the work comp is being stupid)

She wanted Fishbones first, and who could blame her? Fishbones is easily the most visually impressive of the group. I started by rounding up a few tubes of various sizes, and using foam scraps to create compression slip fit joints so I could play with lengths to get things where I wanted them.

Then I cut down the largest tube (HVAC ducting, it's the ONLY thing I could find in 6" diameter) to the length I wanted. I should have probably cut it to the other line then trimmed out where the corners of the mouth would go, but it ended up working fine the way it was.

Here's the cut down length. You can also see the airsoft gun I trimmed out to fit a drill trigger switch into.

At this point I started working on the armor plates that make up most of Fishbones' body

And what would a prop gun be without lights? The back of the lighting array looks like I was building a primitive Arc reactor :lol

At this point I started on the tail. I managed to get my hands on the 3D file from a friend, and edited them down to just the head and tail with the help of another friend. I then ran a few pieces through pepakura designer to get a few pieces made up in foam. Then I kinda left it in this state for a while, as I wasn't sure how I was going to attach everything.

Then on to the head! Again I was using the 3D files for the utmost accuracy

During this time I started on some eyeboxes for the eye lights. I just used some sheet styrene that I had laying around, and a little glue.

And a quick inventory of everything I had done to that point.

Got the foam assembled for the top of the head and had to do a test fit. PERFECT!

Then I assembled the lower jaw. To get the teeth to curve in without doing a million pieces in foam, I cut small V grooves in the back of the foam, filled them with hot glue, then folded the sections together until the glue cooled. The contour works amazingly without the need for filling a million seams

After that I cut the holes for the eyeboxes and test fit them. I also cut the edges for the teeth.

I wasn't too pleased with how they were bulging around the edges, so i overlapped the eyebrows a touch to pull everything back into place. It worked rather well.

Mildly intimidating.

At this point, I started seam sealing, and attaching the head to the main body.

So I FINALLY figured out where I was going to hide the batteries and such. In the back of the tail! I could inset the barrel light array about 6" down in the barrel and it gave me PLENTY of room for the battery pack and wiring. Now I had to figure out how to mount the tail and still give access to the batteries. Well, I made a plug! The tail has a compression plug built in that holds the whole thing in place, REALLY WELL.

AAAAANNNNNNDDDDD I'm out of time. More to come later.
I love this weapon...

Can't wait to see how you tackle PowPow

I have some pretty crazy ideas for PowPow. I think I'll be able to get the barrels to rotate AND light up when they're at the peak of the rotation. It'll be some serious engineering, but I should be able to pull it off.

Back to the remainder of Fishbones!

At this point I had to start fitting the head to the body. I wanted to make it able to open and close, and stay in place. I didn't have the space or budget for any crazy animatronics, and even simple puppetry was out because of time constraints. Thankfully the largest portion of the body is galvanized steel! Magnets it is!
I put 3 rare earth magnets at the back of the top of the head to hold it up when open, and 2 at each corner of the mouth to hold it in the closed position (forgot to take pics of the back of the head magnets)

To hinge the head I just used chicago screws. There's a ton of washers because I had to use 3/4 inch screws. 1/2 inc screws were just a little too short and I was afraid of destroying the foam. If I ever decide to go crazy it'll leave a little room for some custom gears that will allow the mouth to open and close with just one movement.

And then it was time for Plastidip. LOTS of Plastidip. I used white on the surfaces that were going to be colored, and black on the areas that were just going to remain black.

After numerous coats of plastidip, I started attaching a few of the armor plates.

Then it was time to start hitting things with color! The base purple really freaked my client out. HAHA! She wasn't used to the concept of building colors.

And who could resist setting the head in place at this point? (hint: not me)

Well that's all I have time for tonight. Hopefully I can post the final portion of the build in the next day or so.
Ok, so hopefully I can finish posting the build now.

After getting the base paint done I started wiring up the trigger and barrel lights. Sorry I don't have better pics, this was all happening the night before the convention. I was in a bit of a mad rush to get everything put together in time.

After that was wired, I had to test it

This thing is really bright. The pic doesn't exaggerate

I forgot to take pics of the painting process. I think it was about 3am at the point I took the next few pics. Gotta love deadlines. I finished wiring up the eyes, and boy was that a comedy of tragedies. I kept mixing up the polarity because the only wire I had left was green 18g, and fixing one problem caused another until I was playing soldering surgeon 6" deep in a 3" wide hole. That's really fun when you've already been up for 22 hours straight.
Anyhoo, the eyes light up exactly the way I wanted, with intentional hotspotting to the front to give an eyes looking forward effect.

And finally the whole thing. FINISHED.

And finally a shot of the customer with Fishbones. She was SUPER happy, and some of the other Jinx at the con wouldn't talk to her because Fishbones was so good. Can't ask for a better response than that.

LoL Fishbones build by RoninsArt, on Flickr
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