Loki's Stuttgart Cane


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I'm normally more of a lurker then a poster because I mainly build Steampunk gear but I got a commission for Loki's cane, not the full scepter, just the cane he uses in the Stuttgart Opera scene when he wears the sharp suit. How could I say no! Biggest obstacle, not many photos, not detailed close ups anyway, so maybe it's more of a pastiche than a replica! I thought I'd probably build it around plumbing/electrical fittings like others have done.
Anyway I started with a stick. Actually one of the tapered oak shafts I use for normal canes, I thought I'd add some sort of plastic tube housing for the LED, but first I wanted to give the cane a little shaping so I glued a couple of offcuts of polyurethane foam to the top end.
Loki's cane foam.jpg

So I started shaping it before covering it with glassfibre and resin. OK, I got carried away and ended up sculpting the top of the cane from the foam.
Loki cane b.jpgThat's it covered with the glass and resin. Some of the long shot photos showed some sort of decoration on the cane shaft so I tried a little experiment. I held the top end of the cane in a vice and wrapped the shaft with a layer of glassfibre and resin, I then wrapped a length of electrical wire around the wet glass in a spiral and left it to cure. After much sanding and filling I had the basic cane.
Loki's cane build a.jpg Loki'scane build b.jpg
I dug out the polyurethane foam and tidied up the inside. I needed to access an LED, battery etc and ad some of the necessary detail so I moulded a glassfibre cover plate for the back of the cane.cover plate.jpgAfter filling sanding and painting.
Now I needed something for the "crystal" in the top of the cane, I sanded a block of wood to the shape I needed, cut a corresponding hole in a pice of MDF, screwed a piece of acrylic sheet to the board, heated the acrylic with a hot air gun and pushed the wooden former into it.
Moulded crystal.jpgTrimmed the edges and fitted it into the cane top.
I'd already cut out the back of the crystal housing part of the cane ready to take the LED and battery and fitted a switch to the cover plate. I stuffed the crystal with some screwed up plastic sheet, something like Mylar. I think it looks pretty good lit and unlit.
finishe loki cane b.jpg Loki's cane f.jpg
I roped in my better half for posing duty.
Loki pat.jpg
If it was for me I'd age it a little but the customer wants it shiny. So that's it folks!
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You make the whole process sound so easy (which I am quite certain it is not!). :)

The end result is fantastic, I love this. It looks really elegant and I love the light effect, it just glows! I see a lot of overly decorated glow gems and the such (which I guess look better IRL than in the photos) but this is simple and effective. I really like the end result! :thumbsup


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Thanks a lot, I appreciate it. I suppose it might sound easy when you just reel it off! Obviously I've had some practice with the various techniques, but in many ways it was still a first for me. Maybe not the last :D


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Dont I know you from somewhere? Or do you know my Germanic alter ego? Either way, nicely done Mr Cooper! ;)