Loki snowboarding in Jotunheim aka Loki's helmet build


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hey all,
so, well, um.. some time ago I decided I wanted to make Loki's helmet. yeah, I know, like many of you.
and like some of you I have had no previous experience as such so decided to learn and build it from the scratches.
not really for cosplay but for hmm... snowboarding and mountain biking and generally for fun.
it's not any of a protection helmet tho so snowboarding in it might sound pretty dangerous but hey ;)
I had ups and downs like probably some of you guys with different projects you have made so far, I have learnt heaps and even tho I'm absolutely aware of all the imperfections in my helmet I still do like it. I mean, it's just fun when ppl shout to you from a chairlift at skifield: "Loki! Loki!" ;) kinda fun really, same as playing pool table at bar like nothing happens.
I had built it over winter (we just have a very early spring here where I am) so it was pretty challenging as for temperatures (painting.....) but I kinda managed it.
I was just too desperate to take it up the mountain.

Loki in action:






I literally yelled "JOTUNHEIM!" when that pic was taken hehe

Wee Loki and a bit bigger Loki in Jotunheim, haha

notice who is sitting on that helmet

two Lokis

and a bonus pic....
I MET HULK and he smashed me...

I do really hope I haven't spammed too much with those pics.


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Haha indeed! That was one of the reason why I decided to make it during winter even tho it was a bit of a pain due to temperatures :p
So cool to snowboard in it tho and ppl yelling "Loki!" from a chairlift :)