Loki: Ragnarok Costume References

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I'm of the opinion that there aren't nearly enough Loki costumers out there.

And as of the writing of this post, I don't think we have any Ragnarok Lokis in progress.

Since I'm unlikely to tackle him myself, I'd love to see someone start the Ragnarok version of Loki.

Towards that end, I'll post all the refs I have of the Ragnarok Loki suit (Asgardian style, not the black suit).

And all are welcome to join in and share / post / analyze.

-Sleipnir Lokisson


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And some more:


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I'm not making any of the full costumes (I'm personally not a fan), but I absolutely love the new helm, and I just finished my weathered version to wear with my Dark World stuff!

Helm finished 2.jpg
I found the person crazy enough to do Loki prior to the movie and it is me. Just finished in time for Halloween. Still not totally happy with the wig and this was my first attempt with Worbla so I'm happy given that I didn't know what I was doing. I didn't want to post till I was successful but I do have some work in progress shots so if anyone is interested I can show you those. Lastly, in the pictures those of you with eagle eyes may note that my right hand piece had fallen off. I have since hopefully remedied the situation. Don't try to glue to pleather it doesn't work just sew the Velcro down is what I learned from this costume.


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22828989_10214854286175335_5774878359966052164_o.jpg22860141_10214854282375240_2079527085545387077_o.jpg 20171029_135239_HDR.jpgas said above, we had multiple Thor and Black panther costumes at London comic con last weekend - i got a few pics of Loki's costume if it's of any use :)
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