Loki Helmet In The Making...


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Well... I always end up making a last minute decision to switch my Halloween Costume with barely enough time to get the new costume put together. ...And usually I end up dressing up like a man. (*I SWEAR I Was Going To Dress As A Woman This Year Too. ...Anne Boleyn actually ~Post Decapitation, Liquid Latex Cut, etc.~*)

ANYWAY: I decided I wanted to do Loki. ~Think Loki from Thor movie, not comic books because, well... better costume. (*In My Opinion.*)

So I started on the helmet, because if you can't do the Helmet than it's not worth the energy of making the rest of it.

I ended up with clay over top of other materials (*I can provide greater detail if requsted... But needless to say the things that I ended up using were mildly ridiculous.*) But I wanted to share the helmet so far... I still need to smooth out some of the rough stops and CLEARLY need to paint it... But I'm proud of it. I did it in about 4 hours tonight. When I started accidentally stabbing it with the tools because I was tired I decided I could paint some of the smaller details onto it tomorrow (*Willing It's Dried*).


It's going to be heavy to wear, but worth every minute. The helmet from the movie was apparently awful to wear as well.

I appreciate comments, opinions, advice...
not bad. i always try to put all my ideas into a notebook. i carry one at all times to write down ideas as they come to me. i am also not above looking at, and stealing great ideas. so i would look around at other sites and see what and who has tried what, and when. almost always helps. almost always let's me make a better, lighter, nicer version.

let's begin with some sneaky sneaking:

Loki helmet WIP - YouTube

body armor like thor?

THOR: Movie Costume - EVA Foam - Artist - Jordan (USA) - Part 1 - YouTube

is there one you can buy? (just the best one i can find cheap online, i am not a part of that company, nor have i personally seen the product in my hands, so i cannot tell you if it is a frail pile of trash or not)

loki - Costumes

no sense making the helmet if one can be bought cheap. unless, you can make it MUCH better? or use part of the whole? would the helmet do, and the rest of the coutume be better off made by hand?

i personally would have metal bars several mm thick to brace them. and i would have a wooden box with brass corners made to drop foam pellets and the helmet into for travel.

you are a artist. you must be like the ninja. or a used cars salesman. you must be creative and sneaky to have your will done.

edit, and if you are doing the girl version, and you are as pretty as the other girls who made amazing loki costumes like at the conventions, they all have far more open face grills. perhaps a tiny bit more than the movie or comic had to show off their face. just saying....
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there is a female version of loki.......pics:

Female Loki commission by *gb2k on deviantART

File:FemaleLoki.PNG - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

costume: (yes, they will be awesome to look at, and you will be jealous, but, despite the pain, you too will have that envy. hang in there!)

Female Loki by ~luthien-9 on deviantART

Invisible Woman and Female Loki | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

remember, alway steal ideas online first. saves time and money. dont envy the ninja, BE the ninja. the great renny masters did, and so should you grasshopper.
Gah! ...I never quite understood the female Loki. ALTHOUGH in mythology at one point he did turn into a mare and give birth to an 8 legged horse. ANYWAY... (Not The Point!) I don't have any problems dressing as a man... In fact, I prefer it. (*Laughs*)

I wish I had seen that youtube BEFORE is started... Now I'm grumpy that I missed things. I was however looking at it from the pictures THROUGH the glass at the last con... Still incredibly disappointed in myself.

The cheap version of the Loki Costume for sale is horrid, I assure you. Don't do it! It looks OKAY in the pictures, but it's a mess when you have it in your hand.

I haven't been able to find a good helmet to purchase online. (Mer) So I thought it would be better to make it, even if it's not entirely screen-accurate.

Also, when the clay dried it started to open up the face mask so it's not as crammed in the picture, oddly enough, I hadn't anticipated that, but it worked out for the best. (Laughs)

perhaps it might be easier to wear, and easier to remake, if one were to buy one of those cheapo roman soldier helmets (or any cheap plastic helmet), and cut off unwanted bits, and add to it from there? it would have straps built in, (maybe) and be perhaps better than a first attempt at a helmet interior?
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