Logan's Run Sandman's Gun, JJ Lastelick refeat & tv conversion.

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    it was a little moment that I wanted to made this subject. After somes years to use my functional DS Gun JJ Lastelick replica, it had need to repair and in same time, I was to try to made a tv conversion of the gun. In first time, I was changed the Acetylene tank gas original by a gas tank of rylo models, because it's very very more convenient to use the Flamegun. No problem with it, the gas chamber fits well on the Lastelick replica.

    tankgaslastelick.jpg tankgasrylo.jpg

    After that, my Lastelick replica with the shows i made for to made discover the flamegun in sci-fi con, was damaged. The paint was some scratch, the ignition switch was broken, and the electrical circuit has deteriorated. When I was receipt my replica, it was in this good condition :

    Lastelick01.jpg Lastelick02.jpg

    So, it was not important repairs to do, but for me who is not a great handyman, it was ! And I wanted to made more a tv series' model of the gun, because I prefer this model. In first, I was changer the ignition switch for a new who work perfectly. And I filed down the trigger for to made the notch same on the tv series' gun as the best I could. After that, I was asked at a friend, if he can to made for me a Gun fin in aluminum for to replace the original Gun fin in : I don't know exactly the material on this Gun Fin of JJ Lastelick, maybe resin, or plastic. My friend made this piece and I was replace the Gun Fin.

    Lastelick03.jpg Lastelick04.jpg
    Lastelick05.jpg Lastelick06.jpg

    Very good working of my friend. I was after glued the new ignition switch on the frame of the gun, for to fit for good. I was used for all my work of glue : the Gorilla glue. I don't know before this glue, but it's work very well :


    I took the opportunity to remade the electrical circuit and weld the wire on the pads of the ignition switch.

    Lastelick08.jpg Lastelick09.jpg

    Now, the ignition switch holds very well, and the wires too. I was used a black wire for to make less visible on the gun. And I was painted the Gun Fin in Flat Black and glued on the flash supressor barrel. You can see under, the hold Gun fin that I was modified in tv series form.
    Lastelick11.jpg Lastelick12.jpg

    After that, I was remade too the positive circuit wire for the electrical ground, on the frame of the gun. I stuck with tape because the weld did not work ! I have a little soldering set :
    But the electrical ground was good, and the glow plug reworking perfectly, before I had some false contacts regularly :

    Lastelick15.jpg Lastelick13.jpg


    After that, I was the paint to remade on the gun. But in France, we can't to have the "Krylon" paint, and I don't want to made my gun in semi-flat Black. I wanted to made my gun in Flat Black ! Don't ask to me why, I prefer the flat black, I don't know why ! ^^ So I was used a paint that I can found in my country : military paint used for guns, trucks, etc. It was a "Fusco" named paint.


    But the working on the electrical circuit was good, and I can made the battery module smoothly in the slot of the grip, because I was less wire inside the grip.

    Lastelick17.jpg Lastelick16.jpg

    So I was cuted the wire who come on the glow plug for to have the right length, and after that, I was glued the wire on the gun fin (always Gorilla Glue) for to made a better finition. It's not perfect, but on the picture, with the light it more visible that in the reality. And repaint the Gun fin after that.

    Lastelick18.jpg Lastelick19.jpg
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    After That, I was totally repaint the parts of the Gun in flat Black ! ^^

    After that, I was glued the cross (always with gorilla glue). And it's made that I wanted, the Sandman's gun in totally flat black. I like very much this color !

    Lastelick21.jpg Lastelick22.jpg
    Lastelick23.jpg Lastelick24.jpg
    Lastelick25.jpg Lastelick26.jpg

    I was put for one picture the outside electrical wire. ^^

    So after that, I must to made the three color indicators of the power of the gun, same in the tv series ! I was made a try with water paint just for see.

    But i think to reput some color perls ! Now my gun is same I wanted.
    Lastelick29.jpg Lastelick30.jpg

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    And for finish, I was tested the Flamegun in action ! ^^

    Lastelick32.jpg Lastelick33.jpg
    Lastelick34.jpg Lastelick35.jpg

    I know that it's was not a very important working, but for me it was, and at now, I had a functional replica who working very well, and I was made my best for to made the replica that look more possible for me at the tv series' gun model.
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    Looks like you'll be able to light at least 4 or 5 cigarettes at once or one very good cigar. ;)

    Fabulous work sir, well done indeed.

    Best regards,
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    Well done from one Sandman to another! :thumbsup
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    or a barbecue ! :)

    Thank you for the compliments !

    Thanks Apollo ! :)
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    I love it!

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