I wanted to test the fully assembled (with all the parts in place) my completed LOGAN'S RUN - DS Sandman WORKING HERO PROP flame pistol.
Including the added "vapor mixing" (energy blast) - using my unique - one of a kind - colorization, set up.
I think it worked as well as can be expected.  
I will test again when the weather clears up around here.   .
Here are 3 more test blasts from today.
So far it is working flawlessly.
Sounds cool too.

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Not a replica, more of a representation, but it works great and the design is solid.
Working Proof Of Concept.
Still have to spend a little time now on the finished surface and a little paint to clean it up.
I was more after a unique means of design, function, fabrication, ignition and colorizing the energy "projectile" blast. :).
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The last few days I have been working on another unique design interior of the Logan's Run pistol.
My earlier versions are WORKING Flamer (shown in this thread), LED Lighted version, Water pistol (squirt gun), RubberBand Shooter, Party Popper shooter and now this version.
It is mostly a proof of concept that it can be done and is for experimental purposes only (not for sale).
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joberg - So far no issues, yet. :)
They have all seen my various versions of this prop and this one is just another creation.
I haven't fired this one very much, but only while designing and testing to find
what actually works to get to this point.
Most know that I built props for a living, so they understand. :)
I wanted a way to have a hand held bottle rocket launcher.
Trial and Error.
Didn't get it done in time for the 4th of July....but still had to finish it.
I got the trigger in place with a "safety" switch as well.
Paint will be next. :)
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Yep, so far you're batting a hundred with all of these different versions(y)(y)
For me it just seems like the shape was begging to be modified it some unique way.
The length of it specifically and the fact the interior has room enough to navigate (after modifications).
One thing just lead to another. And now this version. :)
I am currently printing up the pieces and testing the feasibility and fit of each.
Mostly the body/frame of it now.
This version is the most challenging and least likely to work, but I have to try since it is "feasible" (in my mind and on "paper").....
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Still working the details.
One thing seems to lead to another and I am having to rethink and reprint parts of this as I whittle it down to uniqueness and perfection. :)
Side NOTE:
Not as easy as you might think. I am right on the edge of thinking it can't be done as I have planned it and ready to be shelved.
I will know more later today as I am printing a major "remastered" part now.......
It is always a bit of a challenge to design around CGI, Animations and Cartoon physics/logic.
Functionality in the real world is problematic sometimes, until you figure it out.

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Well, here is the most recent update on the latest version of my renditions of the LOGAN'S RUN DS pistol.
I managed to assemble and paint it, but I was more concerned about the function then the finish quality
(minimal sanding).
I am currently waiting on 2 - 3v rechargeable batteries to be delivered.
This is the 3D printed version of the one shown in the CAD rendition above.
When the batteries come in, I will take a video and post it's very unique function.
(different then my other versions)

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