Logan's Run Sandman Followers


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Two types were made for the movie.

"Hero" lighted version and a Stunt version.

I was lucky enough to examine an original back in the day.

Here are a couple of illustrations showing the basic layout.

Stunt Version


Hero Version

Pics aren't coming up.

Yeah, I took all my measurements off a screen used prop. In fact, had two under my nose that were pretty close to the same dimensions. They still had nails hanging out of the wood where the velcro was.

Don't forget that a faux view screen was built up over a stunt to hold a slide for the hero close-up. Gave the prop a little more personality too. Well, as much as you can for such a utilitarian piece. Rich has some great pics on his site of an original, too. Lots of info here:


Interesting how they cut the prop in half for the TV show. Ugly little thing.

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Pictures are coming up just fine for me. They make me wish I'd picked up one of the DS belts you offered a while back.

The guy who "commissioned" me to build six belts, bailed on me after I bought all the materials. Just as well, I couldn't get a hold of any of the belt beads/buttons. I'll have to have them made again.
I hope I didn't break any rules doing so as I'm new to the Prop building scene, but I used one of the above listed pictures as the template to make my own Follower. It's a work in progress.
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