Logan's handy work


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I've had the the need to 'upgrade' this concept for a while now...deeper penetration into the hand,much sharper blades and a more refined base... will post new pics soon.
Until then a little vid of Logan's Hands as they are Todate.

...and check some of my other vids Youtube channel 'charles forbin'...click like if you do and please subscribe cause theres a hole lot more comin!


p.s. and coming soon....some-thing with.....Bone Claws...keep checking back.
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Here is a teaser picture....anyone care to guess as to what this was will be.....anyone......anyone......beuller......

1.jpg .....I'll post a full set of the pics in a couple of days and this thing (haven't come up with a name for it yet) will be offered as a kit (with two options) or as a fully finished piece.
Please note it will be all resin, just over 15-1/2 inches long when assembled,sharp and a very Unique concept piece.
Let me know what you think...keep it semi-clean and creative and No that's Not chocolate its my first sculpt with Monster Clay...

As always thanks for your time.

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Wes R

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Looks neat and my guess is bone claws from the looks of the clay. It made me wonder something: what's inside Logan's bones? I mean the outsides are coated but did the metal penetrate and replace the marrow inside too or somehow fuse to it too. Damn my nerd is showing again lol.


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Yea,that was somethin I contemplated when I did my first set of hands...I left the marrow untouched cause Logan would still need it to live and I believe it produces blood and stem cells and is considered an organ unto itself.....There has to be some connection to Reality in Fantasy-to me that little touch makes the subject more interesting and believable...
Soon you will see your question addressed in part by a detail that I included in this latest project.

Thanx Wes R

Your on the Right Track...
. 5.jpg
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Last teaser pic.Next set will be a completely New thread unto itself...

... 2.jpg ....still tryin to come up with a cool and descriptive title for this kit.

Thanx THB


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