Logan, Daken, and Victor! OH MY! (Wolverine, Daken, and Sabretooth)

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Hey guys! Long time no see!

Okay so those of you that've seen me around here know that I'm usually over on the Avenger's side of things (See my threads for my Captain America Rescue Costume and my Winter Soldier Build [Which is still in progress]). But I figured since I started diving into the world of Wolverine, Why not?

So I said to myself, "Well... if you're going to be making all the lovely feral mutants, ya might as well keep them in one nice sized thread, right?" Right! So that's exactly what I'm going to do.

*For those of you that have been following my Winter Soldier Build: Don't worry! I'm not giving up on it, I'm just adding another build onto my ever so increasingly huge list of costumes I want to make. Also ^^;;; my upcoming haircut may or may not have an affect on whether or not I'm going to be doing Winter Soldier for RetroCon 2015 (as well as a few other factors). Aka: I'm getting a Lazy Mohawk. So Daken would be perfect!*

Obviously I'm probably going to get Daken done first, besides his crazy hair and that wicked tattoo there's not much to do besides build his claws.

I did a bit of looking around for Daken on what he'd probably wear, also talked to a friend who's an expert on all things Daken and this is what I found:

Good old Black dress shirt with Pink Tie. OR:

The famous Fantastic Four Shirt! This is probably what I'll be doing. So! Lemme do the break down starting with Daken:

Daken Akihiro Things Needed/Checklist:
  • Bone Claws (I'll be making these)
  • Fantastic 4 Shirt (Seen here, if I can't find one in the right color I'll just make one it's simple)
  • Pants (Usually dress pants for Daken he's classy like that but these do look a little more casual so maybe some dress/jean hybrids? I can find something good.)
  • Henna for the tattoo
  • Shoes/Boots (I might just go with using my combat boots from my Cap Cosplay (Or if I get my Bates for my Winter Soldier) since this is a bit more casual. I'll figure out what boots i'll grab in the end.)
  • Haircut (Already going to be taken care of I'll just need to style it up :3)

Now! Onto Logan! :D

For Logan I'm going to be doing the X-Men Origins: Wolverine Costume

Like so.

Thankfully Logan in this is pretty straightforward, the most difficult things are really going to just be the Claws and the Jacket. I'm not entirely sure about that belt buckle but if I can get something close than that's better than being completely off (If I have to I might try to make it out of sculpey but I'll see.)

If anyone has any references for his belt buckle please feel free to share them here! Thanks.

So for the breakdown!

James "Logan" Howlett (Origins) Things Needed:
  • Jacket (This is going to be tough, I have an idea about a plain jacket and I can put the stripes on, but if anyone knows of any buying options that won't break the bank please let me know.)
  • Claws (Adamantium. I'll be making these as well)
  • Boots (Pretty straightforward, I don't really think there's anything special to them so I can easily use my Corcorans)
  • Jeans
  • White Undershirt
  • Red Flannel shirt
  • Dog Tags (that might be a bit tricky but I don't think so I can easily order some online)
  • Belt
  • Belt Buckle (This might be a tiny bit tricky but I'll do my best)

And Now! Last but certainly not least~ Hereeee's Victor!

Sabretooth is definitely going to be the hardest of the three builds, since I'm planning on doing Ultimate Sabretooth As seen here.

Lord knows that this is gonna be really tough but not tough since it's a simple enough costume but there's a bunch of parts. The Jacket is going to be the most difficult thing to find I can garuntee that since I've been looking at Sheepskin coats and they are so so expensive.

SO! Breakdown time!

Ultimate Sabretooth Things Needed:
  • Sheepskin Jacket (Seriously it's going to be a wild goose chase on this one till I find one that's reasonable)
  • Boots (I have no idea how I"m supposed to go from 5'5" to 6'6" So wish me luck)
  • Lots of Belts for Straps all over the place
  • Headband
  • Blonde Wig (this is gonna be another long search but I shall find one
  • White undershirt
  • OD Green Pants (Reproduction BDUs should be fine)
  • Pistol Belt for Belt
  • Belt Buckle (I can make this out of Sculpey)
  • Necklace (Also going to be made out of Sculpey)
  • Claws (I'm going to figure these out if it kills me)

That seems to be it for right now. I'll update you guys on my progress as I go along. Also I got myself a new (and way better) binder than the one I had before so this will be a ton more comfortable than the last one.

Let me know if you guys find anything that'd work for jackets wise or anything on the lists. Thanks guys! :D

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You can find at least a few of the items you are looking for in the junkyard - dog tags, claws for all 3 of them, maybe even wolverine's buckle as well


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Thanks for the help guys! I really appreciate it! :D

Also GoodScare that is an amazing jacket, It's not quite what I need, but I will keep it in mind just in case! I'm hoping that I can get lucky and find something good (i'm basically asking for a miracle a the moment). Also my friend up in Canada said that she's seen belt buckles just like Logan's at the country store so she's going to see if she can grab one for me.


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Quick update, I was looking at wigs today, a friend of mine reccomended Arda Wigs and I was not disappointed at what I saw, probably going to go for the Imladris for Victor and I was looking at possibly the Hansel in Natural Black for Logan (Since I'm going to have a mohawk when I do all of these, it's gonna just be easier to get a wig for Logan too).

Also not only am I going to be going to Retrocon this year, but I am hoping (and praying and planning and saving) to go up to Toronto for FanExpo! It's gonna be a blast, and my friend up there is going to be doing Yellow Suit Wolverine while I do Sabretooth so we can have shenanigans.

I was also looking at Painter's stilts. Anddd I'm not entirely too sure if I should even attempt to try and do something with them to bump me up to Victor's height. Honestly if I can just get to around 6' tall with shoes I'll be happy. So I'll probably start looking at different boots and also shoe lifts.

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Alright guys! Thought I'd pop in and let you know how things are going, I'm still busy trying to look around for a few things here and there, mainly just keeping my eye out for stuff.

I did however have a couple cool ideas for Sabretooth's costume so to maybe make it not so "Plain old Comic Book Character" esque. If you know what I mean.

In other words, Victor's necklace is a bit simply drawn, I've seen him wearing different versions of this necklace in other comics and (thanks to some help from my best friend who knows practically everything about Wolverine) together we have concluded that (obviously) they are claws and/or teeth that he has on his necklace. So I thought why not make it a bit more genuine and use Black Bear Claws?

And just so nobody freaks out, I already did my checking on my state laws, here in Pennsylvania as long as the bear parts are not edible you are allowed to buy them from out of state/have them. So the claws are in the clear. Also Black Bear claws are better because they are a bit more readily available (aka a bit less expensive) and also the Black Bear population isn't endangered or threatned at all at this time.

Okay now that that's out of the way! I have found a really great place to get furs and claws and such. They are an American Company that specializes in fur pieces and the like, here's where I'll be getting my claws (unless I find someplace with a better price, I doubt it.)

Speaking of claws, I'm doing some digging on how I should go about making my Sabretooth claws, grabbing picture references and also looking at simple ways to make "werewolf claws" since they're similiar. As for Daken's Claws I'm thinking of trying to do it similar to the way everyone makes the Harry Potter wands. Meaning I'll start with a few chopsticks and some hot glue and go from there, also the benefit of using glue and layers of glue is that I can easily attach the wires that way. I still have yet to get started on my Wolverine claws, they shouldn't be too difficult I just need to hunt down my materials.

Also trying to bumb myself up to 6'6" from 5'5" is a lot harder than I expected as I mentioned before, I'm still looking into boots with a bit thicker heel and also some shoe lifts.

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