Question load time slowed to a crawl by stumbleupon


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I don't know what that's about, but I click on threads and after the basic forum template loads, it just sits there while the bottom of my browser says it's waiting for


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Yes strangely enough it is happening to me as well but for me it was the Prop Store of London banner that was delaying the load time, but other pages of the forum load fine.


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I'm recently finding the only thing thats slowing down loading time for me is the white box on the right top of each thread with the facebook, twitter, google crome, reddit etc thingmebobs in it but then my pc is out of the ark :confused


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Yes the site is insane slow the last few days, today being the worst. Took me a good 2min to even open this to reply. Only site I visit that is like this, the other boards load perfectly fine.
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