Live Fire Jawa Ion Blaster Build (303)

Proto Ordnance

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Hey all,

I'm a long time lurker here and I finally wanted to step in and show one of the things I've been tinkering on.

I decided to build a live fire jawa ion blaster

Because I want to play with this in California, and I don't want to file federal NFA paperwork on it the process was really, really really involved.

I started with a No 4 MK II SMLE receiver that I had in storage (actually two of them) and torch cut them to BATFE specification. (removing 1/4 inch of material per cut and making 3 cuts through the receiver)

I then cleaned up the slag and put the remaining bits on a jig so that they could be tig welded back togeather. (creating a virgin receiver which coulc be built into a pistol.

To comply with CA law, the barrel was initally left long to comply with the single shot regulations on the drop safety exemption and only later was it cut back to a proper length.

Once the gun was back togeather, (a herculean task) I cleaned it up with a mill, fordom tool. hand files, and just work, lots of work....

Yes, I realize I put all this work into the wrong type of reciever... I had been saving these for about 9 years while I practiced this technique on other platforms and made friends with tools, set up a shop etc.... so I just didn't realize I had the wrong ones untill i was way to far into it to turn around (I think I may have one of the correct receivers in storage, and I can always do it over again now that I have a better idea of how to not screw it up.

20150718_144152.jpg 20150718_144159.jpg 20150718_144209.jpg

I still have to re make the forend wood (I want it darker) and I have to make the adapter to put the reduced ID grenade cup onto the gun...

After that, my buddies and I are throwing on some jawa costumes and then a 6'5" and a 5'11" jawa are going to go to a public range to shoot at a cardbaord R2D2...

Oh and we will be dumping non dairy creamer into the bore of the lanucher cup to creat a greatly enhanced fireball.

Here is the inspection video and the test fire video from my youtube channel.

I'm very glad I finally have something to share on here. :D

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Proto Ordnance

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We actually did a right side mag fed sterling based blaster from e7 first...

Just haven't posted anything about it yet.... i really need to do a video on it

Proto Ordnance

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Got her ready to shoot:


20150722_150951.jpg 20150722_150355.jpeg 20150722_150422.jpeg 20150722_150929.jpg


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