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Auction is now live!!

$1.00 start, NO RESERVE!

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Up for auction on eBay is my genuine early Folmer Graflex Luke Skywalker static lightsaber prop in Empire Strikes Back configuation. Assembled and finished by Crucible Custom Props, THE authority on Original Star Wars Trilogy props, in the same spirit as the original screen used saber prop - almost all vintage parts! This is as close to the screen used prop that you will ever have the opportunity to own in terms of accuracy and the parts used to assemble it.

I requested that Crucible Custom Props assemble this is such a way so that no damage was done to the flashgun whatsoever (no drilling - no holes), meaning everything can be reversed if so desired with the exception of the "beer tab" removal in the event more reference material surfaces of the original prop.

It sports the following parts, and comes with the extremely rare and unmodified "Wampa Cave" stamping and thin rolled edge on the bottom of the flash:

- genuine early Folmer Graflex flashgun

- 2 x vintage red Graflex buttons

- vintage clamp card

- genuine Kobold flashgun clip

- vintage d-ring

- WannaWanga reproduction grip screws & Kobold rivets

- Todd's Costumes reproduction t-track

This is a grail prop for serious Empire Strikes Back enthusiast and one of the centerpieces of my collection. I hate to see it go, but I have other projects that I am turning my focus to.

Good luck!

PLEASE NOTE: As stated in the description, this is a prop assembled in the same spirit as the original, and was constructed of vintage parts that are several decades old, so it will show some beautiful signs of it age including light scratches and other imperfections just like it came off the big screen in 1980!

Please be sure to ask any questions prior to bidding, as all sales are final.
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Throwing this one eBay at 9PM eastern time if it doesn’t sell. Will entertain any reasonable offer.



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WOW, crazy that you couldn't sell it for 2500USD here and that in the end it sold for 4000USD! congrats (y)
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