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Hello there!
I am props designing For Little Shop of Horrors at a local community theatre, this is my first time designing without a mentor and saying I’m excited is an understatement !!

I'm new here but I wanted to document how me & my bf made our tank & mask bc ShawnHallDesign gave a lot of tips that helped me navigate making this project !!

Our show opens in a couple weeks and me & my bf are still working on the tank so I'll be updating this as we go along!
I’ll try and add all the links + make a shopping list in case you liked specific pieces=)

Our Director wants our gas mask to be unique + kind of dominatrix-y/steam-punk-y, he basically gave us complete creative control, the only rule was he didn't want the mask to cover our Orins mouth & didn't want the fish bowl/space helmet that a lot of productions use.

We've just barely started on the mask itself bc we wanted to tackle the tank first. so stay tuned for the mask part hehe !!


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A gasmask that does not cover your mouth o_O

Looking forward to seeing some pics of your work, and welcome to the RPF.

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