Literary Pinup Calendar

As a literature buff, that is just awesome. Definately going to get one for the office.

Thanks for sharing that.
excellent. far prefer glamour to nude stuff. got a fantastic book of Elvgren art in the house, lots of these pics are along the smae lines.

sure it's just coincidence the Alice character had to be holding the "eat me" sign :-D
So I just found this a few moments ago and now I REALLY want one...

Patrick Rothfuss conspired with a graphic artist that he knows to publish this calendar of beautiful pinups as classic literary figures! I know I'm not the only reader here who'd love to have this collection of beauties on their wall. :love

The Tinker's Packs — Literary Pin-up Calendars

Lee Moyer's a pretty famous comic book artist, too. You should check out early Starstruck, if you like this art.
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