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Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by Contec, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Contec

    Contec Master Member

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    Last weekend when I was working in another persons home they had Goonies on Tv, I was just able to listen to the sound but it was just like watching the movie. Guess i seen the movie too many times.

    Today ,I'm going to have it on in the background when i do some hobby work.

    Anyone else has a movie that they don't need to watch to enjoy?
  2. Eopie Herder

    Eopie Herder Sr Member

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    I typically do that or listen to a soundtrack. Usually something that has to do with the subject matter I'm working on, I feel it helps.
  3. Sigma-LS

    Sigma-LS Sr Member

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    John Carpenter/Kurt Russel commentaries. Just great to listen to.

    The Thing
    Big Trouble in Little China

    Ben Stiller's Tropic Thunder is another great commentary track to have running in the background.

    Good mix of anecdotes and movie talk.

    EDIT: Also running "talky" series like space opera's is good too.
  4. Mattastic13

    Mattastic13 Well-Known Member

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    I listen to movies while I work as well. My problem is that when an especially good part comes on, I stop and watch.

    Goonies is a good one to listen to.
  5. Jayn

    Jayn Sr Member

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    Bladerunner is a fantastic one to listen to. All of the subtle noises in the background are fantastic!. I also like to listen to TRON:Legacy and any of the Star Wars movies.
  6. familyman

    familyman Sr Member

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    When I am working on a costume or prop I will generaly have that movie playing in the background. Helps inspire me.
  7. CelticRuins

    CelticRuins Sr Member

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    Lord of the Rings. With or without commentary.

    Trilogies or Anthologies seem to be best. Whether it's also Star Wars or Aliens. I'll also do seasons of TV shows. I went through the first 4-5 seasons of Farscape last year getting prepped for Dragon*con.

    But I usually will put anything on when I'm hand sewing something, cutting out or sculpting/molding something. It really does help! Either that or I have to have a playlist set on my Ipod, ready to go.
  8. LizardJedi

    LizardJedi Sr Member

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    For a while, my designated homework movies were Kingdom of Hevean, The Last Samurai, Rent and Across the Universe.

    Lately I've been watching whatever is on ESPN, sometimes on mute with mellow music running.
  9. jcoffman99

    jcoffman99 Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    My wife yells at me when I watch Raiders and end up in another room. She says I'm not watching it, but I say I am. Last time I told her exactly what was happening based solely on the music cues. She called me a dork. :)
  10. MrGzilla

    MrGzilla Well-Known Member

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    haha i do this all the time, even when im not working on props or really anything, its just nice to have some background noise.
    ill watch starwars, any godzilla movie, batman, pretty much anything. a few months ago i saw at walmart they had the 50 movie horror collection of all these old obscure horror movies for like $5 and those are great too.
    as said before it usually takes longer to finish what your doing though because you always watch the good parts! xD
  11. welshwarrior123

    welshwarrior123 Well-Known Member

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    I was doing the exact same thing last night doing courswork. I usually just stick the telly on and whats on is what I watch/listen to. Robin hood prince of thieves was on last night so thats what I had in the background while working, although you cant help look up though when you hear swords clanging and stuff lol
  12. ob1al

    ob1al Sr Member

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    I do this all the time - I find it easier to concentrate when a part of my mind is focused on a movie soundtrack and when it's a movie I know well, it's really easy to follow.
  13. PotionMistress

    PotionMistress Sr Member

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    I also love to listen to things while I work on projects; things that I have seen many times, but still inspire me. I usually will have a Star Trek playing in the background (just hearing the dialog, I can remember what's happening), or the soundtrack to the H Potter movies, or something like that. It's interesting yet at the same time it does not interrupt my working - just enhances it.
  14. Wes R

    Wes R Legendary Member

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    Blade Runner, Transformers 1986, the Transformers cartoon, gi joe 1987 movie, back to the future 1-3, normal tv channels, music, or just any random movie i find in my collection that catches my eye.
  15. Steamtech

    Steamtech Member

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    I do this all the time! My wife just shakes her head when she walks into the shop and I have the 13th Warrior on for the 8th day in a row. I tend to choose a movie and then just play it over and over for a week or so.

    I know I'm focused on my project when I look up and realize the movie is almost over and the last thing I remember is the opening credits lol. Regardless, I like having it on in the background just to listen too, and sometimes look up for the good scenes when I catch them ;)
  16. Kal

    Kal Well-Known Member

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    Yep. Doing this for a few yrs now. I find it helps me be relaxed and not all stressed about the project on hand. Netflix has been nice, just have tv shows on the tablet. On eps 155 of 173 for ST deep spacr 9. Turns out it is a pretty good series, never gave it much attention when it originaly ran. Up next is all 177 of Next Generation :)
  17. Lost in Trek

    Lost in Trek Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I like to clean house while listening to Planes, Trains and Automobiles. I do stop often to watch certain scenes though.

    "Where's your other hand?"
    "Between two pillows"
  18. dbuck

    dbuck Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I've been doing this for years, as in the laserdisc days when you had to go flip the movie. Back then if I was very busy I would just let the one side play over and over.
    I pick movies I know backwards and forwards and a lot of times I find myself delivering the dialogue along with the actors.
    At the office I sometimes play movies on my phone at my desk in lieu of music.

    Nope. No nerd tendencies here.
  19. micdavis

    micdavis Master Member

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  20. thehorndogg

    thehorndogg New Member

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    Mallrats I can walk around cleaning and doing whatever around the house and picture it in my head
  21. EyeofSauron

    EyeofSauron Master Member

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    yeah i do that a lot, and generally something that refers to the stuff im building :D i watched the first 60 episodes of power rangers when i was building my green ranger :)

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