List your Smallville props


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Just like the title says. Time to show off your smallville props. Finished or in the works. I'll start off with one of mine. I've located the clear vinyl sticker material to print it on now I just have to find someone to cut me some aluminum pieces.



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Then after you get the aluminum and put them together you need to copy down my address so you can send me one. LOL



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I'd like one of those Lex ID's anyways here goes the list

ClarkÂ’s Spaceship Key (Made of Magnesium) Quantity: 1

Save the Cave Pins Quantity: 2

Lionel’s “Meteor Rock” Replacement Spaceship Key (Made of Plastic)
Quantity: 1

Jor-ElÂ’s Pendant (Made of Solid Metal) Means Journey

Jor-El "Drifter" newspaper cutting - Past and Present

Black Kryptonite (Black Obsidian) Quantity: 3

LexÂ’s Dragon Box

LexÂ’s Dragon Box- My version

ClarkÂ’s Box- My version

Kryptonite Bullet

Clarks Family Tree Quantity: 2

Cave Map – Quantity: 2

Smallville IDÂ’s Lionel, Lex

Smallville DVD Seasons 1-4

Dr. Swan Invitation Quantity: 1

Smallville Post card Quantity: 2

Luthor Business cards Quantity: 2

Map to Air Stone Quantity: 2

Nam-ek and Ayther Drawing Quantity: 2

There is so much more fo me to get. I have a list of all the props for smallville I have and seen and its over 70.


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Varsity Jacket screen used , signed by first season cast
Varsity Jacket second season
Metal ship keys
Green Kryptonite keys
Lex's Calendar box
Lex's Compass wedding gift
Clark's red class ring
Krypton bullet
Green Kryptonite necklace
White nuetralized necklace
Air stone
Jor-el pendant,
Lionel business card
Lexcorp business card
Swann Invites
Smallville postcard
Save the cave buttons
Lex Luthor campaign buttons
Luthor Corp patch
Luthor Corp envelope
Smallville High patch
Smallville High notebooks and pencils
Spaceship model
Smallville High t-shirts
Lex's lead storage box

John Glover signed cast photo
second season cast gift iron-on
second season cast gift turtleneck
Large Green plexi-glass key
Inkworks printing plates from first season cards
Smallville DVDs 1-4 season
Special Dr Swanson Emmy Episode DVD
Ist episode DVD signed by the entire cast

One other neat item from DCDirect which is just cool
Gold plated Fortress of Solitude Key


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Impressive lists. Any pics of your collections? Where can I get Lexcorp business card and the smallvill postcard? I've seen the postcards floating around but not the business card. Also interested in a Dr. Swann invite.


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1 Ship key
2 Green k keys
1 Green k rock
1 Jor-el Journey pendant
1 Lana necklace
1 promo red-k ring
1 replica red-k ring
2 Kryptonite bullets
Lex lead box
1 Dr.Swann invite
1 Smallville postcard
1 Luthor corp. envelope
1 Lionel Luthor business card
1 Save the cave pin
1 Huge Green k Smallville key
1 Season 1 replica ship model
2 Maps to the stone of knowledge 1 with a border like the one Lionel gives to Jason and one with out (Drawn by me)
1 Lana sketch of Nam-ek and Ayther (Drawn by me)
The maps/Lana drawings are available pm if interested.


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If anyone is still looking for the older Dalvey compasses ( screen model) that are correct, I think I have a source for them and can contact them on that.
Also, I still can convert desk calanders if anyone needs them. I have done them for sources to the show and the one sitting in the Superman museum in Metropolis IL. These models are getting hard to purchase, so this may be the last chance to get them. Pm me if you are interested. I can also still get out a few Swann invites in anyone wants them and save the cave buttons. I should have a few loose Lex buttons as well and will post on the junkyard for those next week.


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Metal ship keys (Magnesium, Aluminum, Stainless Steel)
Green K keys
Red K keys
Black K keys (smoked plastic and solid black)
Clear K key
Lex's Calendar box
Clarks red class ring
Jor-el pendant,
Lionel business card
Lexcorp business card
Swann Invites
Smallville postcards
Save the cave buttons
Lex Luthor campaign buttons (on order)
Luthor corp patch
Luthor corp envelope
Smallville high patch
Spaceship Model (18" long) with matching scale "metallic" and Kryptonite Keys)
Spaceship Model (9" with cellar display)
Smallville high t-shirts
Kryptonite Bullets
Lana's Necklace (Both green and clear stones)
Perry White Business Cards
Perry White ID badge
Lionel Luther Green Kryptonite Box with flashing LEDs
Heart of the Ship (final version)
Air Stone (polished aluminum)
Blood Vial in Aluminum tube
Season 2,3,and 4 card binders (anybody got a Season 1 binder for sale???)
Smallville Pilot Episode DVD
Smallville EMMY DVD with "Rosetta" and "Vortex" episodes.
Map to Air Stone

Paul ô¿ô


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I have my first Smallville props on the way from replicaprops.

Jor-El necklace and 2 Kryptonite bullets whit casing.
Im planing on getting the other stuff from them later also.


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Magnesium key and green glass key:



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Awesome collection thatguyno1. I see you have two ships. how big is the one on the stand?? Did you make the box Lionel uses to house the kryptonite key?

Does anyone have an extra Welcome to Smallville Postcard they'd be willing to part with??


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This is all that I have:
Crystals from the first movie(green, clear, and red)
"S" single crystal illuminated display base
Tri-Base 3crystal illuminated dislay base
Jor-el crystaline mask from the first movie
Smallville ship and base with green key
and soon Jor-el face plaque and Kal-el ship from the first movie

I will add pics here when possible



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-Laser engraved stainless steel key
-Laser engraved aluminum key
-Pewter key
-"Real feel" nickel/resin key
-Gray resin key
-Various other aluminum keys, cast/engraved/etched
-green plexiglass key
-green resin key
-emerald green plexiglass key
-Ship model
-Green Lana necklace
-Clear Lana necklace
-Jor El pendant
-Save the Cave button
-Stack of Lionel Business cards
-Chloe's Torch pass
-Lex's desktop key holder
-Lex's lead dragon box
-Kryptonite bullet
-Kryptonite rock (from Run episode)
-Smallville postcard
-Dr. Swann Invite
-Map to the air stone
-Lana's drawing of the Kryptonians leaving their spaceship
-Red K class ring
-8x10 autographed by cast (framed and matted with a key below the picture)
-Bridget Crosby's driver's license
-Various high school id's (from ebay)
-Ship's heart
-Large Plexi key with Smallville across it
-Family tree
-Cave layout drawing
-Kent lead box (pending)
-Stones (once full set is available from Rob)

Superman in general:
-First movie crystal (both FXhound version and ebay version)
-Resin cast of screen used Superman 4 crystal
-Certified 9.6 reprint of Action Comics #1, Autographed by Jerry Siegel
-Dean Cain autographed Superman 8x10
-Superman cape swatches (George Reeves, Kirk Allen, Christopher Reeve, John Haymes Newton)
-Complete sets of topps movie cards
-Chromart, Action comics #1
-Superman Returns Kryptonite prop replica (coming in June.)

That's all I can remember off the top of my head.


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My list:

Lex dragon box
Lana's necklace (green and white)
FX Key
some cards
Stuff I can't remember, yet everyone else has too.

Anyways, pics of my box(2 at the JY now...):


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Just picked up the air stone and necklaces, checking on the availability of the compasses.


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I was able to get 3 of the correct Dalvey Compasses from the local store here. He is able to get more of them and can sell them to me at $ 55.00. Either I will order more of wanted or try to get his supplier so they can be ordered directly. If you are interested, post or pm and I will work to get more of these available.

These are being changed to a new style this year, so this is the last chance to get them, if you want one of these, now ois the time to get them.


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Originally posted by TFrosst@Feb 23 2006, 02:19 AM
Awesome collection thatguyno1.  I see you have two ships.  how big is the one on the stand??  Did you make the box Lionel uses to house the kryptonite key?

Does anyone have an extra Welcome to Smallville Postcard they'd be willing to part with??
Thanks - I made both the ship and the key box. The ship is about 18 to 19 inches long. Both are made of wood except for some misc parts in the key box.

Trip - PM sent on the Compass.

Paul ô¿ô


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here is what i have
Jor-El's Journey medallion
Dax-Ur Beacon
Red, Blue, and green Kryptonite
they Key
Fortress Dagger
Kawatche Dagger (Palak)
Crystel of EL (full Size)
crystel of El Black and silver w/t custom lightup dispay base
Orb of Kandor
Ship's Heart
Brainiac Orb
Kara's Bracelet
Kara's House of El Medallion
Kara's portrait
Clarks Family tree
Map to the Air Stone
Painting og the Justice Society
Photo of Lara
Painting of Kandor
Jor-El's Victory Ring
Legion Ring
Red Kryptonian crystal
Blue Fortress Crystel
custom Fortress Crystal display
Clear Knowldge Crystel x3
Chloe sullivan Daily Planet id badge
Clark Kent Daily Planet id badge

looking into purchasing a veritas journal and the bok of RAO