List of Harry Potter Free Paper Props on the RPF and where to find them


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im trying to create a journal as a gift to a dear friend. I was so excite to find this post but sadly I can’t get the links to work. If anyone has any of the files esp the ministry of magis I’d card can they message me please



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Thanks! You're very meticulous! I would not have had the patience and time for compiling all of these. Thanks for making it easier for us :)


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[SIZE=+4]The RPF- Harry Potter Free Paper Props Index[/SIZE]

This Index is intended to provide an easy and quick way to locate free harry potter paper props on the RPF. Comments, complaints and suggestions relating to list the list should posted in this thread.
Paper props should be posted in: Harry Potter Free Paper Props- All Movies and More or other threads in the free paper prop forum.

Due to the size of this list, it is split up into multiple posts. A quick way of finding things is to press ctrl + F and type in what you’re looking for.

*Updated June 12th 2017*

Links to each post:
Honeydukes- Sweets and Drinks
Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes and Zonko’s
Flourish and Blotts- Books and book pages
Hogwarts- includes Hogwarts letters and Hogwarts Express tickets
Ministry of Magic- Includes Wanted posters and Proclamations/Educational Decrees
Apothecary (Potions), Quidditch, and Gringotts
News Stand- Daily Prophets, Quibblers and other magazines
Menagerie- Fantastic Beasts Props

Owl Post- Letters and Photos
Miscellaneous- Everything Else
hey why when i open it it's blank page is it normal or juste me thenx for helping me

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Hello! I'm looking for WWW replicas and most of the links don't want to work for me. Does anyone know how I can fix that or does anyone have the links/pdfs? Thank you in advance!