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List of good sources for screen used props?


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hey guys,

Well, I'm dipping my foot into this forum which could get expensive...:lol

I know about the prop store and but what other sites do you check for authentic screen used props?

I apologize if this has been covered before, but I had some trouble finding anything via the search. :$




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You have to be careful with Premiere Props eBay auctions and especially their larger auctions. Their fact checker department does a horrible job. Their last big auction a bunch of us found multiple incorrect listings and items they were selling as screen used, some werent at all.

The problem now-a-days is collecting screenused props is becomming more and more popular so prices have been going up like crazy.

Also if you're looking for a particular piece, contact Jeff over at screenused. Jeff and Desi do a great job at hunting pieces down.


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screen used is my favorite place to go to for stuff like this. the guys over there always take care of me and willing to work with you if you really want something. good people! - Mauro
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