Liquid Latex Mask Help Please :D

Josh Hatrix

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Okay, so I have never made a mask in my entire life but I have recently began making clay sculptures which inspired me to go further.
What I want to make is a Mushroomhead mask, and I was wondering if I can use terracotta clay as a mold to apply liquid latex on. Also, can I make a Mold Builder liquid latex mask without making a cast? Just simply applying the latex to clay on a mannequin head? My budget is low, if you can, could you tell me what kinds of paints I should use?
(I'm guessing I'll need around 16oz of liquid latex and 10lbs of clay) Is this correct? Thank you very much!
Hi Josh, you don't make a mask by painting latex onto a sculpture, you make a mask by taking a plaster mould of the sculpture and pouring latex into the mould.
Before I discovered this forum, the "paint latex onto a sculpture" method was my plan of action, based on a dozen or so youtube videos. I believe it can be done, but the vast majority of fine detail will be lost (on the inside of the mask really).

I've yet to try either method. Just throwing it out there that the "paint on" method is common to find for a beginner with no clue where to start.
Plaster is fairly cheap. It is silicone and urethane rubber that get expensive. Making a plaster mold and casting in latex should not be too much cost.
Hi Wes, I have no idea why any youtube videos would show the painting onto a sculpture as a way of making a mask. There will be no detail, none, all you will have is the general shape of the sculpture... if that's all you want, then that will work, but if you want a mask with any detail or texture, then you need to make a plaster mould of the sculpture. That's the way to learn.
Alans advise is golden :thumbsup

If I was going to attempt this I'd sculpt the bust in oil based clay (plastercine) or equivalent, I'd make the mould in plaster & then peel all the clay out to be re-used on another project. You can then pour your Latex in the mould to coat the entire inside. Do a few coats to get your thickness. after its all fully dry de-mould it & paint :)
Right :)

It was actually my skepticism about the painting on method that lead me to this site. I couldn't understand how you were supposed to get any detail at all. And you don't! :p

I really was just saying that it is common to see that method if you are a newbie with no clue where to look for the proper methods. :)
Wes, the first time I tried to make anything, I opted to sculpt a quarter mask that covered the lower face (it was the Amy huge vampire mouth from Fright Night). I used water based clay, the mould was made from dental plaster. It let me get a feel for the materials and taught me some things about undercuts and the limitations of liquid latex without the risk of ruining a full head mask. If you have any questions about mask making, feel free to ask and I'll tell you about the way I made masks... this might not be the way other people made them, but it worked for me.
Hi Josh, I just looked up '90's Mushroomhead Mask' and I agree that you will probably be able to make one with the 'paint latex over the sculpture' technique. When you say you don't want much detail remember there will be absolutely no detail apart from what you make with the brush and the forms that show through the latex from the underlying sculpture.
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