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Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by motorhead, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. motorhead

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    Hello all, i'm looking for some guidance or knowledge regarding applying liquid latex over foam. i'm constructing a large foam costume (hulk) and I've seen other costume builds use liquid latex for a skin.

    does this mean painted with liquid latex-like an acrylic paint
    or does this mean the liquid latex that's used to make masks?

    i'm so confused. I know the foam will need to be sealed first. just looking for a definitive answer regarding "liquid latex".
    any of you wonderfully talented people out there willing to offer up some suggestions for a hobby build?
  2. Override

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    I am using liquid mask latex from Monster Makers and tinting with acrylic paint, then spraying the suit using a spray gun
  3. motorhead

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    thanks Override -totally already watching your build! so you are applying the latex over your skinned in foam suit correct? and thanks for letting me know which type of liquid latex! awesome!! much appreciated.
  4. Badgersbunk

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    I've never used it but there's a few Evil Ted videos that he uses balloon latex on his foam.

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