Suggestion Links to Penny Auctions In the JY?

Discussion in 'Site Support & News' started by Lear60man, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. Lear60man

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    IMHO penny auctions are a scam. Ebay is bad enough. But penny auctions?:thumbsdown
  2. Wes R

    Wes R Legendary Member

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    I haven't seen this but I agree. I'm not fond of the ebay auctions either but the penny auctions are a bit too much.
  3. Abelugo

    Abelugo Sr Member

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    I talked to a friend that tried it, it's based on charging you "per bid", so the more you bid the more you pay, plus the final item cost. Also shipping cost.
    Just stick to ebay or forum classifieds.

    If it's too good to be true, it probably is.
  4. Rylo

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    I hate anything that clogs up the junkyard. That would certainly count.

    I've been pushing for a 'premium section' in the junkyard that could be seen by all members but only sellers who pay a premium could sell there. This would allow the buyer/collector to avoid having to weed through a ton of crap.

    Of course those selling lower end items would resist having to pay a premium to list while our higher end sellers would pay a small fee to separate their goods from the flea market junk.

    Again. This would be an option for sellers. Keep on doing what you're doing or put a little cash where your goods are and pay for top billing. I'd have no problem at all paying a small premium to have my stuff listed with other like minded sellers. The constant bumps and junk in general make it rather difficult for people to even mind a given sellers work these days. This would allow the junkyard to be just that while a premium section would highlight the good stuff. In the end, it would still be the sellers option.

  5. Lear60man

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    I dont want to link the guys JY ad but wanted to at least start a discussion. Who knows, maybe it will be an isolated incident and it wont need to be addressed.

    Rylo....I get your point as you make high end stuff. But the little guys selling their loose action figures also attract views/buyers and that is the other side to your coin. Some High end stuff, some junk.......The Junk Yard! Also remember one mans junk is another guys holy grail.
  6. Rylo

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    I'm not suggesting anything at all change for them. They can keep on doing what they're doing. I'm simply suggesting a premium spot. Hell, nothing at all stopping the 'little guys' from selling in the premium area, too. That's the beauty of it. People would simply think twice before doing so because of the cost. Again. Anyone at all could use a premium section. It's just the guy selling an action figure or an old DVD might think twice if he had an option.

  7. Alan Castillo

    Alan Castillo Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Had never heard of this type of auction before.

    Visited that auction.

    I find it a hard pill to swallow that something that took 250 man hours and over $1000 to build, is guaranteed to end up selling for under $100.

    Although in the JY thread, he says the site is using it as part of their launch phase. Maybe they're subsidising the item's cost with him.

    If they're not ......... :unsure

    Also, this guy has been promoting his stuff over at the hacked site :unsure:unsure
  8. epilepticsquirl

    epilepticsquirl Sr Member

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    The thing with penny auctions is that you have to pay for each bid. So an item that sells for $1.00 brings in $100.00 for the site. Not that it matters because said member just got booted. :lol

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