Link to the RPF for a chance to win a Dr Grordbort's Righteous Bison!

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Welcome to another chance to win a super cool prize here at the RPF!

As many of you know, we are currently running a contest sponsored by Weta's Dr Grordbort's line in which our members our customizing Righteous Bisons for the contest. A number of members missed out on purchasing their own Bison, so here is your chance to pick one up!

As we have done previously, this is a link contest in which we are promoting our costumes forum!

What do you need to do to be entered in a random drawing for one of these guns?


Just post a text link to us on the front page of your website or blog


You MUST be a registered member of! If you are not a registered member, your entry will be disqualified! Click this link to register.

You may enter 1 time per contest by performing the task listed above.

Doing the same task more than once will not result in additional entries.

Website Link:
To qualify for a web page link, you must create a text link on the front page of your website or blog to WITH the anchor text “movie costumes”

Your code should look virtually identical to the following:

<a href="">movie costumes</a>

Note 1: the anchor text should NOT be “The Replica Prop Forum” or include any additional text other than “movie costumes”
Note 2: link should NOT include rel="nofollow" and may be disqualified if it does

Entry Submission
Once you have completed the task above, email us at with "Weta Contest" as the subject line. Be SURE to include your board name and a link to your qualifying entry. We will verify your entry and respond letting you know it has been verified.

How is the winner drawn?

This contest will run through Jun 21 and winners will be announced on Jun 22!

Three entrants will be chosen at random to each win a Righteous Bison!

Don't have a website or blog? Ask a friend with a website if they will post a link for you!!
2 days left! If people have already purchased one are they still eligible to win a second one? I kind of hope only those that missed out on buying one are eligible.
That's some clever SEO work there :lol

:lol Everything has a purpose.

Just so you guys know, your inbound links have pushed us from page 2 to page 1 on Google which is a pretty big deal. Being on page 2 is the equivalent to not existing at all. So, thanks for your help!

On the social media links, we can't use them for this contest but we are planning to have some twitter and facbook contests in the future (although facebook just made that more difficult to do...)

Anyway, so far, 12 of you have qualified and since we have three guns to give away, 1 out of 4 will get a gun unless we have more people enter!

Contest ends tomorrow.

I think I was one of the first to enter the contest on June 14th, yet I still haven't received a confirmation.

Did you get my PM Art?
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I just entered. I dont Have full coding control over my blog, but it's right there on the front page. Email sent.
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