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What is going on guys I'm in the beginning processes of processes of getting as much screen info as I can for the new lightyear space ranger suit from the upcoming movie lightyear obviously, comma I have found 2 different sellers for STL files, bacomma but I'm very confused because one seller is eller is offering the suit at a $100 plus and then there's an Etsy seller with apparently the exact same item for only $17 so I'm trying to see if the Etsy seller It's a scammer because obviously scammers suck I'm just trying to make sure my money goes to the original owner.

Has anyone ever bought from either of them ?

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I would not go with that Nikko files.

If you compare the Nikko suit versus the Lightyear movie 3d model, it doesnt match close in the shapes. Specialy the legs : Nikko version is way too sharp and miss a lot of smalls detailled parts. Nikko miss the model on that one, maybe They did a first pass and never revisit it.
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