Lightsaber Seller Recommendations?


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Hey guys so after I introduced my GF to Star Wars we both came to the decision that we were going to get into dueling. Nothing real competitive but just casual for fun. However she needs as saber and after looking into some I decided I wanted a new one too. Right now I have a MR Anakin from ROTS so that's the only really comparison to draw on. So far I've looked at SaberForge and UltraSabers as possibilities but wasn't sure how the quality is aside from YT videos.

I've been greatly overwhelmed with trying to find the right seller and was hoping I could get some help/recommendations.

I wasn't looking to spend a whole lot on these since it wasn't going to be serious dueling and I may use what I get for a costume (but even then I'm looking for it to be a side project).

Basically what I need is:

$150-$300 range preferably (I understand it's definitely get what you pay for)
Light/Moderate dueling durable
Sounds (For hers only)
Slender handle for one of them (hers)
Solid glow

Also I'm a pretty big fan of Starkiller's hilt from TFU2 so if anyone has experience getting one of those that would be awesome!


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Personally, I would look at vaders vault or maybe LDM custom sabers.
Their builds are solid quality, they have a stunt line, and most importantly, awesome customer service. I know the owners / builders and they are very nice and professional people.
I have heard some... questionable... things about the other two vendors you mention in your OP.
Alternatively you could always try making your own...


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I went with Ultrasabers on my first one and I have no regrets.

All I can say is don't go with Saberforge. They have a pretty spotty reputation of recasting, some poor metal work, and rough customer care and communication.


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Shame about SaberForge, I really dug one of their designs. I've looked at Vader's Vault and they're amazing pieces, just out of my price range.


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Shame about SaberForge, I really dug one of their designs. I've looked at Vader's Vault and they're amazing pieces, just out of my price range.

They do have some of my favorite designs out there, and they are dirt cheap. I was pretty close to pulling the trigger on one, myself, when I saw a thread about his recasting. I believe he recast the TFU2 that he is producing now. I think it was from Force Relics? I can't remember for sure, but you could check them out.


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I looked at LDM and emailed him about a price, waiting to hear back. I think for my Girlfriend's I'm gonna get her an ultrasaber since she's not terribly picky and she loved one of the hilts because of how compact it looked. Plus it's her first one.


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I have had no issues with Saberforge and Phil answers every question really quickly. The prices are cheaper than Ultrasaber, but I've never had an ultrasaber to compare the quality.

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I have 3 Ultrasabers. Their designs can be a little plain, but the fit and finish are excellent these days, and they're near unbreakable. Their obsidian soundcard is pretty good, but not in the same league as a Crystal Focus from Plecter labs if you have the $$$. I have a Saberforge Prodigal Son "Luke ROTJ" . It's pretty decent . The metal work is a little sharp edged, so a little sandpaper is in order. I've had no problems with Saberforge personally , but they've left a sour taste around here recently. The TCSS conversion kits for the MR sabers are awesome. They come out much tougher than stock and aren't too hard to convert.
Welcome to the wonderful ,and expensive , world of saber collecting.


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I've witnessed bad customer service from Saberforge when my BIL got his saber from Phil. I won't go into details or go into a lengthy explanation of gripes with Phil because you can search it and find it. But I can say I've seen the poor customer care from Saberforge first hand.


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Thanks guys! I'm slowly lowering down my choices. One quick question how stark of a difference is there between these and the MR sabers? I'm assuming all of these are WAY better than the MR but by how much?


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Better by a lot! One good whack on a MR blade and you will have dead LEDs in there with dark spots. MR sabers use a string of 32 (I think) LEDs, like a ladder, all other sabers use a single, super bright LED in the hilt to light the empty blade.


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I would definitely stay away from using your MR's to duel as they are only made to be display items. Same the the FX ones, one good smack and you're looking at busted LED's or a broken blade.
Personally, I've only tried Ultrasabers for my duelling so far, and the only 'fault' I can pick is that the blade retention screws can come loose in heavy duelling. If you end up going ultrasabers, go with the heavy duty blades as well, not much extra $'s but well worth it for a near unbreakable blade.


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Going to agree with Bogleo, you can build your own at The Custom Saber Shop ( ) You'll have to put some work into putting it together, but you'll have the greatest customization to cost ratio. They won't be as inexpensive (that depends on what you decide to build and buy though so it could be an inexpensive option) as some of the choices above but you're less likely to go to a con and see someone with the same exact saber as you.


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I've bought from Ultrasabers and they're great for duelling and depending on the options you choose they can be pretty cheap as well. I've bought a few things from TCSS and they're amazing for customizing and their forums have a crazy amount of info on wiring and set ups and such. I would recommend either or both of those sites, they're both great with customer service and their products are really good quality.

If I may ask a question too, has anyone dealt with Advanced Light Weaponry? I've heard from a few other people that when they sell LED sabers the electronics are apparently pretty terrible, but I'm looking to get a "hyper realistic" saber hilt which has no electronics... Just wondering if they're good and this thread seemed as good a place as any.

If I've overstepped my bounds and need to start my own thread to ask this question just let me know and I will.


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Your inquiry is quite valid I suppose Athanasius and could serve everyone here, since he is another seller ... a long time ago I saw his pictures of the beautiful custom and sometimes steampunk lightsabers produced by Advanced Light Weaponry, who is a true artist when it comes to custom designs ... the reason I never purchased anything was he only selled sabers with light fx and no sound ... but since you're looking at a non-electronics saber I'd say go for it and share your review once you receive your lightsaber and perhaps even upgrade with additional electronics yourself if need be :)



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Depending on what you're looking for we at Force Relics might be able to help.
And to make something clear posted above: Saberforge did not recast any of our sabers, the saber he recast was from Solo's Hold if I'm correct. We did, however, get a taste of how mr. Isherwood deals with his "compeditors" and anyone who dares to point out problems with his products. But that's another topic you can fid on these boards.

Anyway, I know Ultrasabers and SF are very cheap compared to others, but in my opinion: you get what you pay for.
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