Lightsaber Screws

Hi there,

The lightsaber from the Gary Kurtz collection was most certainly not used on screen in ESB.
I.E. The extra red button is missing in stead of there's the original glass eye and the T-track
used was red painted black.

A good picture of the original ESB lightsaber can be found in the accompanying booklet
of the Smithsonian Exhibition and has rivets . . . no screws:


You can find rivets in any hardware store in all kinds of sizes :D

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There are screws on the Ranch sabre which Gino showed. The others as far as I know had rivets. There were various sabers used in the film with minor differences to each one depending on the scene and it's use. If memory serves the ASAP PROP BOARD has an excellently researched thread about the ESB sabre and its variations.
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I don't have a scanner or i'd post it up, but I have the book mentioned in the second post. I found the shot - and the shot of the saber is vertical and is nearly the height of the entire page, probably about 8-9" tall. I can't see anything conclusive without a magnifying glass. Even with that, all you can see is a dark brown color (they're pretty rusty it seams), but on the screw on the left side, i can see a darker area in the middel of the head which reads fairly close to a phillips head cross. The photo isn't the clearest thing ever for those screws, but i'd be leaning towars the one of the left being a screw.
If memory serves the ASAP PROP BOARD has an excellently researched thread about the ESB sabre and its variations.

Here is that thread if you want to look at it:
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The problem with a lot of picts showing the grips is that the detail is not clear and the "x" of the pan screw is blurred and therefore the fasteners tend look like rivets. That is assuming you believe that they are screws, which I do.
Well I stand corrected then. Screws it most probably is, depends on the version you want to recreate Hero, Dagobah, Hoth, Stunt etcetera. If I ever find absolute picture proove that rivets were used I'll definitely let you guys know.
Indeed the picture on page 33 in that book is not very clear. Also a regular tiny flat screw has been used to fix the clamp lever. Glad I haven't converted my designated ESB graflex yet :)

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Thanks you guys for all the input.:thumbsup

Well, this had been fun and educational!

OK, so I need to completely ignore the lightsaber sold by PIH from Gary Kurtz as it had the wrong grips and rivets!(shame as I really liked the rivets)

Phillip head screws it is. Anyone conclusive about the size?:confused
There is no Dagobah saber.

Here is the real deal. Listen up because Skater McGee doesn't repeat himself.

There is a saber in the LFL Archives that we all call the 'Skywalker Ranch Saber'. For years it was thought to be the saber used in the Dagobah scenes but that has been proven false.

In every scene of Luke's lightsaber hanging from his belt (not counting bladed stunt sabers) there is a 'Hero' saber that has very distinctive features:

1. The Linhof D-ring assembly is assembled 'upside-down' and is attached with RIVETS.

2. There are silver fasteners in the bottom notches in the grips.

3. There are no additional screws in the top of the grips.

4. There in a strip of 1/2" shiny silver tape on the Graflex Clamp.

5. It had a non-broken working clamp with a non-broken working lever.

6. The beer tab is missing.

7. There are 2 red buttons in the top, no glass eye.

8. The silver lines on the circuit board are opposite the clamp lever.

Here is a picture:

Now we do know that rivets were used at least for the d-ring:

Which brings us back to the 'Skywalker Ranch Saber'.
It has:

1. A 'correct' mounted Linhod D-ring with brass slotted head screws.

2. 6/32 phillips head screws in the notch in the lower grip.

3. Small 2mm slotted cheese-head screws in the top of the grips.

4. 1" Textured tape on the Graflex clamp.

5. A broken clamp held together with a brass slotted head screw.

6. A broken-off clamp lever held on with a brass slotted head screw.

7. Only one red button.




The MILLION DOLLAR question: Is the 'SRS' actually the 'Hero' saber rebuilt/fixed, or just another saber (stunt ?) that was also used on the film ? Considering that Rivets were used in the D-ring there is no reason to believe that they could not have been used in the grips as well, although there is no evidence currently pointing either way until more clear photos arrive.

So, which version do you want to make ? The version seen on screen, or the saber as it appears now ?
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Here are a Hero and SRS I made many years ago. I used to offer a kit with the screws needed for the SRS.

Yes, my ESB Hero still has the 'beer tab', these are old photos.






Wow, now that's what I call an answer to a question!

A Huge THANK YOU James Kenobi 1138. Respect; you clearly know what you are talking about.

OK, as I said I'm a sucker for the rivets towards the back of the T Track grips rather than the screws. And also used for the D ring assembly. Not sure exactly what version that would make it?!!

Lovely examples of your work as well. Superb. As a prop builder myself, I can appreciate your attention to detail.

So if I go for the rivets, can you let me know what size they were?

Thank you again, fascinating post......:rolleyes
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I beg to differ! There most certainly is a Dagobah saber that is missing the top button and has smooth tape on the clamp. Screencaps confirmed this. The textured tape is theorized to be added later along with the smaller screws in the grips becuse the vader saber had the same smaller screws.
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