Lightsaber Reference Photos Wanted (Obi EpI and Anakin EpII)


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Hey guys,

In the past there have been several photos of both hero props (Obi-wan Episode I and Anakin Episode II) that people were hesitant to share for whatever reason. I ask anyone, in the true spirit of the RPF, to show your cards. The interest surrounding these props is at an all time low, you have nothing to lose in sharing your references. The higher the resolution the better. Post 'em, e-mail me (aml225 @ g-mail), PM me.

I would REALLY appreciate the help.

Thanks very much,


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I don't know if this helps as you may only be looking for info on the static, screen used props but...

The interest in making custom machined versions of these lightsabers that light up and have sound is NOT at an all time low. There's a run of screen accurate OBI TPMs over at that recently closed and I believe JQ Sabers makes pretty accurate Anakin AOTC hilts.

If you're looking to make your own, you best bet is to get the dimensions off of the Master Replicas LE (Limited Edition) versions.


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I have an Obi ep1 MR LE. If you want I can shoot some pics of it and give you some size info of it.
That would be when I get home again.. Monday-Wednesday sometime.
Shoot me a PM if you're interested.. It wont be very high-res but still something. :)


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I thought MR only did the TPM Obi as an elite edition. I know they did a LE as for his AOTC version (it was one of the first MR did).

When did they do a TPM Obi LE?

I just assumed they made an LE version of all the movie hilts. If they did not, then perhaps the elite edition will suffice for measurements.


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MR only did an Elite Edition of the Ep1 Obi in which they took some artistic liberties, as much as I appreciate the offer I don't want to be biased based on previous interpretations. I'm really looking for source material.

Here's all I have found so far. It's funny because this picture was so closely guarded a while back and now with a few minutes of google images searches I found the hi-res version.
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