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Hello Everyone,

With Randy's Sabers Arriving, I figure it would be a good time to offer my Saber Install Services. I have been doing saber installs since 2006, and have recently finished up by run of Graflex 2.0 Installs: Graflex 2.0 Install thread

I offer installs for the following, but not limited to:
  • ALL Korbanth Sabers
  • One Replicas
  • Vintage/Replica Graflex
  • Phoenix Props
  • KR Sabers
  • Romans
Each saber is going to be a bit different, but this should provide a general benchmark on pricing,. The prices below are for most Korbanth Sabers feature a Nano Biscotte Sound board, with inhilt recharge. Charger is included with price. Blades can be purchased for additional cost.

Paint/Weathering is free with install.

  1. Stunt Tier: $70 + shipping
    • light only
  2. standard Tier: $320 + shipping
    • full internal chassis
  3. Premium: $465 + shipping
    • illuminated crystal chamber

*crystal chamber option not yet available for korbanth K4 (Obi ANH) or DM1. Also, for DM1 sabers, price is PER side. ,
Vintage/Replica Graflex

The pricing is affected greatly by 2 factors: Blade holder and Sound board, to keep things simple the price below does not include said board and blade holder. Just the install service. I can purchase everything for you, just add the actual item cost.

Vintage/Replica Graflex Pricing
  1. Stunt: $50 + Board and Blade holder
  2. Standard $200 + Board and Blade Holder
  3. Premium $300 + Board and Blade holder

Blades: $25

I also offer conversion services for the Black Series sabers. The Plastic blade holders are removed and replaced with aluminum ones, and the LED string replaced with a single die Cree LED. $160 + shipping.

  • Hilt only: FREE US shipping
  • Hilt + blade: $25

For those who have purchased from me before OR wish to purchase installs for multiple sabers, there will be a 10% discount.
Crystal Chamber Pics



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