Lightsaber box (so many pics)!

So I made my first ESB Graflex a few months ago as a gift for my brother, and I realized I didn't have anything cool to present it in.

So I made a box! And I thought you might like to see it!

This is my first time attempting anything like this, so be gentle you monsters. Also, I realized while making this that there is probably an officially recognized container for a lightsaber but I've never seen one. If anyone has info on that I'd be curious to know!

Anyway. Started with a hinged wine box, ten bucks on the ol' Amazon:


Got rid of the lame clasp on the front, to make it easier to open with the Force.


Put down a base layer of silver, since my plan was to make it look like a beat up painted metal box:


Printed out a Jedi insignia while it dried and realized I'm in dire need of more black ink:




So I read somewhere about weathering with Vaseline and I was skeptical but intrigued. Greased up the corners and the raised areas like Lunchlady Doris greasing up Groundskeeper Willie:


Slapped some dark blue paint on (you can already see the paint beading up where I applied the Vaseline):


The same tutorial I read suggested sandpaper, but it just sorta smeared everything around. I found that the Vaseline keeps the paint so wet that wiping it off with a paper towel was actually way more effective.


Applied the stencil to the top and slapped on some more Vaseline where I had already weathered on top, then applied a coat of copper paint:

IMG_1448.jpg IMG_1452.jpg

Dried, wiped off the same portion of the copper, did some additional detail work with an Exacto, and voila!


Tomorrow I'm going to try to finish the custom-fitted inside, which involves some black cloth and some expanding foam, and maybe some additional weathering. Might be a total disaster. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for looking!
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Cool. Hoping to build my brother one from a Romans replica. Was thinking I needed a box for it wine was my go to as well. Didn't think about putting the insignia on. Good call.
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