Lighting for Fujimi Blade Runner Spinner?


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With the new 1/24 Spinner from Blade Runner coming very soon from Fujimi I new I had to have this kit. It's been one of my favorite scifi vehicles of all time.
1/24 Spinner | HobbyLink Japan

Seeing as how I love to light models I knew lighting this kit was going to be a challenge because of all the single lit domes on the roof.
Spinner Ascent - YouTube

I started doing some research on micro LEDs. I found this website that looks to be a one stop shopping source to light this much anticipated kit. Check out the different kits and videos.

I like the strobe kit but it uses bulbs instead of LEDs. I think swapping the bulbs for their pre-wired SMTs would be perfect for the Spinner.
One of my other passions is police car models. I built several for some Waterford Township police officers in Michigan several years ago. I never realized that all this stuff was available for police car models
Hi guys,

You may also want to check out Model Railroad Products & Services. I recently got into architectural models, and the lighting products here are awesome. Their vehicle effects page is here:
Lighting Effects for Vehicles

In case you're not familiar with HO scale cars (such as those shown in their effect videos), I just bought an HO scale VW Beetle that measures out at less than an inch. If they can make police light bars for something THAT small, I think they'll make something work for 1/24. :)

As for wiring, they also sell, and I highly recommend, magnet wire. single strand, tough, insulated, and very small/thin, making it ideal for use with LEDs and tight spaces.

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I just got one of two orders from Evans Designs for the Spinner. I will post a small video later this morning. I will be using their 1.8mm LEDs for the roof lights and their SMT whites for the front wheel pods. The Spinner is next in line on my bench.
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