Lighted/glowing eyes? How?


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There are a number of costumes where the eyes are glowing and it is a really cool effect. However, how do people do this and still be able to see enough to not fall over?
I am going to add another rule to my conv costume guide;

1. Pockets or a place to hold; keys, money, camera, swag
2. Easy to drink a beer
3. Easy to go to the bathroom
4. SEE and be seen.

Here is an example of a really cool costume (not mine)
1. Tons of pockets!
2. Not easy, but manageable.
3. Yep, no problem here.
4. Get him a cane and a dog


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most of the time there is another peep hole somewhere in the goggles or helmet separated from the lighted eyes. I am having a similar issue with the heads up display on a fallout helmet as the eyes light up.

I have tested many methods but the best luck I have had is UV reactive plastic, put a single led on it anywhere and the entire thing glows. but visibility is limited.
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