Lighted Bandai Razor Crest

Darph Bobo

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Hey guys,

I just wanted to share my take on Bandai’s wee (popular guess 1/350) Razor Crest.

I’m using the plated version of the kit for this build, so the first thing I did was add some panelling and a wash, damn this little beast has some nice detail!


In the show the engines always have a bit of a pulsation so to simulate this I used a couple of orange flickering LEDs,

Since I only lit the centres of the engines I used clear orange to fake the ring of lights around the nozzle,

(Looks better in person)

Now to decide whether or not to try make a cockpit

Darph Bobo

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In for a penny, in for a pound;

I cut open the moulded in windows,

I didn't open the rearmost windows, nothing exciting takes place behind the cockpit so they'll just get painted. At least I didn't stab myself like I did on this one,


As for the cockpit, it's just a quick styrene box, but I added an unfolded 1:350 ladder to the floor to simulate deck grating. Too bad much of that detail will be hard to see once everything is painted and in place


I guess this means I'll be lighting the cockpit now too! :p XD

Darph Bobo

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All right; I soldered all the wires up, squished the parts together and everything still lit up!



While the stickers Bandai provides are surprisingly good, I opted to use a set of decals I bought off eBay. I was surprised to find that they were probably made using an ALPS printer as some of them were printed in metallics,



Now what’s left is to make up a Mando, close up the cockpit and then build the base, here’s a rough sketch of what I’m thinking of,


I decided I’ll paint a hyperspace tunnel on some clear styrene and backlight it, crossing my fingers that my skills can live up to my imagination!


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That is pretty impressive

On a side note, as to the scale, I have not built mine yet, but comparing it to the 1/72 one, it is too big for 1/350 and too small for 1/144, Bandai seems to have done this in box scale and it is something like 1/230 to 1/250 or so. It actually fits right in with the scale of the X-Wing game miniatures if you are looking for other ships to pair it against in a display

I was thinking of using the X-Wings minis to do a dio of the scene where the X-Wings are doing the equivalent of a space traffic stop :D

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