lifesize simpsons dislpay anyone?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by kirkstikesback, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. kirkstikesback

    kirkstikesback Member

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    just curious to see if anyone had the Simpsons Lifesize display
    where they are sittinig on the couch , and what you thought of it
    and any info or history and what they go for now adays.
  2. BlackMarketMagi

    BlackMarketMagi Well-Known Member

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    There's been a couple on ebay. One listed at $2500 been on and off for awhile. The other one starting at $1 ends in a few hours but you have to pick it up so just depends. On something like this value is always what someone is willing to pay for it. It's so big some people may just want it gone.
  3. StevenRogers84

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    Yeah man for something cool to do go to youtube and do a search for Yexel Sebastian....What he does will blow your mind!:lol
  4. SenseiMonkeyboy

    SenseiMonkeyboy New Member

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    Hey Kirk,

    I'm actually the guy who designed the Simpsons life size theater display that you are asking about and would be happy to answer any questions you have, just let me know.

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  5. whiteraven

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    My brother-in-law has a huge fiberglass Homer Simpson in his garage. They gave it to him after he helped on one of the games (he's a digital and fine artist).
  6. darthwhitey

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    Yeah, I've seen Yexel's and it's pretty cool. I think he's from Singapore as I recall?

    I bought a life-size figure from him. His prices were pretty reasonable but it arrived damaged. It's hard to ship something so big (reasonably) and not suffer damage.

    He was very nice to work with and had great communication.

    My $.02
  7. Mooniteman

    Mooniteman Well-Known Member

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    There are 2 on LaBrea (Los Angeles) at a shop that sells all kinds of props and crap - I'm sure they'd be happy to get rid of one !
  8. SenseiMonkeyboy

    SenseiMonkeyboy New Member

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    Hey Kirk... so how did the Monster Inc figures work out? Did they fit?
  9. legallibran

    legallibran New Member

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    Hi folks

    I was recently doing some googling regarding the lifesize Simpsons prop and cant believe my luck in finding this website & discussion - which I know is old but I'm hoping someone will reply.

    I am from Australia and have what I believe to be one of 3 lifesize family props that came in to Australia when the movie was released. From what I have been told, a set went to 3 Queensland cinemas however one got smashed (not sure how), the second set is unknown whereabouts and I have the 3rd set (including couch & other props) which I bought from a lady last year and incorporated it in to my 2013 Christmas display (see link - Santa Raedel at Craigslea Drive, Caboolture - 4510TV - Caboolture )

    I was hoping to find out more information as I came across someone recently selling Lisa in Australia and I decided to buy her as a spare as this might have come from the 3rd set.

    I also saw someone selling another Lisa on the USA ebay site and that person said there were 10,000 of these made but I was told from someone else only 1,000 were made.

    I know this is an old thread but I was hoping to find out more information as the set was a real hit in my display – and especially from SenseiMonkeyBoy who says he designed them.

    Cheers folks
  10. Badgersbunk

    Badgersbunk Active Member

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    There's been a set of them sitting on the couch in the Detroit Craigslist for quite some time.
  11. ZombieHomer

    ZombieHomer New Member

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    I happen to own the whole family. What are they made of and what kind of paint was used(for patching up purposes)? Also, excellent job btw!

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