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Just a progress shot of my work in progress--a display I've wanted to do for a long time.

This utilizes one of PredatrHuntr's heads, purchased the other week right in the Junkyard, and one of those front half Predator displays done in rigid foam that are kind of rare now.

The head, unfortunately suffered some damage during its trip. The lower right (as you're looking at it) mandible was broken off. Clean break so it should be an easy fix, but I think I may redo the mouth a bit anyway. Also need to reattach a couple of dreads and adjust the eyes a bit. I'm going for that Gentle Giant bust look. On a much larger scale. IMO, the seperate dreads look so much better than the Sideshow bust dreads.

I cut the rigid foam head away from the body, and the head is supported on a post fixed to the base.

There are small dents in the torse that need filled, I'll probably use a necklace I made, need to repaint the torso and do some cleanup. May add the right arm crossing the body in front with the hand fisted and gauntlet blades extended.

Also still have the legs should I decide to do the full body.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with how it's coming along.

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Re: Lifesize Predator Bust / WIP

thats the way that head was casted up, the mandibles are straight up, if you manage to turn them inward, they will look alot better
Re: Lifesize Predator Bust / WIP

That's what I'm thinking. They should always form almost an X. I can cut them, pin and rotate them, then Aves the seam. A little touchup and I'll be good there. Since the right (his left) mandible is broken off anyway, I already have to do some surgery. No reason why I should improve a little while I'm at it.
Re: Lifesize Predator Bust / WIP

Absolutely LOVE it!

Can't wait to see further progress on the torso. I really like the idea of including the arm with the gauntlet blades.

You should surrong the base of the torso with some human skulls to give it a real artsy look.
Re: Lifesize Predator Bust / WIP

That looks awesome! Is your mouth detachable to put the mask on, or do you just switch out heads?

Thanks, Simmon! You and I are of the same mind when it comes to the base. Tonight I had laid the skull sash down in front of the base and it kind of circled in front and I thought, man that looks pretty good! Skulls circling the base wouldn't be bad at all.

Still considering whether I should go full body. Finding the room would be the biggest problem. May be time to move some things around and see what can be done!

Luckily, the women of the house like Predator. Otherwise I wouldn't be permitted to have this one out. ;)
Re: Lifesize Predator Bust / WIP

you can display any head on it, I have the opewn mouth head and the bio head, you cant go wrong with the complete piece
Re: Lifesize Predator Bust / WIP

Small update. Nothing much. Just fussed with the necklace, combining pieces from the two I had, adding the skull sash and adding an armband. I think I like the head positioned more as I had it originally. But I can pretty much move that however I want.

Re: Lifesize Predator Bust / WIP

Small update. Today my foam filled resin torso arrived. A replacement for my rigid foam half torso. Test fitted it on my reinforced foam legs, but it looks a little wonky due to the leg section including a belt and the upper body also including the belt.

LOTS of modifying and refining to go on this and still need a set of hands.

Re: Lifesize Predator Bust / WIP

Can't wait to see this done. Do you spend a lot of hours per week on it or just when you can get to it? Do you have a time frame in mind that you want to finish this by?
Re: Lifesize Predator Bust / WIP

I originally was going to do just it as a waist up bust, then I decide I already had the Morris display legs, so why not do the full display. This will require building some sort of support structure out of metal tubing, though the legs are already reinforced with fiberglass on the inside.

Right now my constraints have been time and money obviously.

A friend had one of the fiberglass displays, so I was able to do castings of his feet, which were an improvement over the odd ones that were on the Morris display ones. That took a lot of time and RTV and fiberglass. The full resin torso I was able to procure from another friend. So for each component, it has taken a while to either pull the money together for it and either build it or buy it and then wait for it to arrive. Heck, I still need castings of the hands, and a shoulder cannon wouldn't be bad, either.

It's going to take a lot of time for me to clean everything up and tweak and refine it before I get to paint the body up, so I'm in no rush. But it is going to be fun to paint and detail when I get to that point!
Re: Lifesize Predator Bust / WIP

Not much has happened with this, other than I've passed the parts onto a friend--and fellow RPFer--to work on for me so that I can be free to work on fiction. And to work on my Boba Fett and Vader when I have the chance.

I'll keep my helping hand's name annonymous unless he wants to stand up and take a bow as the work progresses.

Small updates:

The broken mandible has been reattached and both mandibles have been tilted inward.


And the legs have been adjusted slightly. You'll notice his right leg is taking a step up. The display base will have a rotten log or faux rock or something along those lines. The hollow backsides of the legs are in the process of being hard foam filled.

Re: Lifesize Predator Bust / WIP

the legs have been adjusted slightly. You'll notice his right leg is taking a step up. The display base will have a rotten log or faux rock or something along those lines. The hollow backsides of the legs are in the process of being hard foam filled.

How about having that raised foot resting on the head of a dead Alien? Maybe??
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