Lifesize Keaton Batman display


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Hey guys....I'm new around here and figured I would post some pics of my pride and joy :D

The bust was done by Howard Senft ( you da man bro. )....I'll have his Joker next to Batman in a few weeks :thumbsup

here he is....



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That's one of those finished costumes I'll love to eventually obtain.

So, what's the story on the rest of the suit? Who, what, etc?


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the armor & gloves were ordered through these guys

here's a pic of the gloves

the cape and belt were won on ebay..not sure who makes them, but there are a ton of guys that do so they were pretty easy to locate

and the boot armor was obtained in a trade

I got a black spandex suit off ebay, glues the armor to the suit, then bought me a pair of Nike Air Trainer 3's( the shoes used in the movie) and dyed them black and attached the boot armor