Life Span of Elastic Costumes


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Hey everyone, need some advise.

What is the life span like for elastic costumes for example Spider-Man? Lycra, Spandex, are there other kinds of elastic materials? I've been looking at Zentai Zone's costumes to have it modded.

Do you wash them after every events, even after you puff painted them?

Hope to build the Mangaverse Spider-Man costume as my first.

Kindly share your experiences.

Thank you.
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There are lots of people here with lycra/spandex costumes. As long as you take care of them (hand wash at low temperature and not too often) they will last a long time.

Puffy Paint may not last quite as long but it can always be touched-up. Just remember to heat it once applied otherwise it won't harden properly and will stay tacky.
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