Life-Sized Sam (Trick 'r Treat)


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Well, life-sizedish. The mannequin was 3'5" and I believe Quinn Lord was 4'2" in the film, but I never bothered to measure the whole thing once I got his rounder head on.

I started by ordering a bendable child mannequin off of eBay. To my surprise, even the fingers were posable, which was nice. I was worried I'd have to sew them into position around the lollipop and the burlap sack.

I used the Simplicity 2855 pattern to sew his pajamas. My initial plan was to move the zipper to the back and eliminate the front seam, but the front pattern had a significant curve as it included the crotch and legs as well, and I couldn't work out how to place it on a fold in the fabric, so I just moved the zipper to the back while keeping the front seam in place.



The pattern didn't include the drop seat panel, so I just hemmed a square of fabric and glued it on below the zipper.

For the head, I took two Styrofoam hemispheres with a 12" diameter, Gorilla glued them together, and sealed with Mod Podge.


I started to spray paint the head black to ensure nothing would show under the burlap when I decided it would be wise to test-fit it on the mannequin.


Okay, that's too large. I went back to the craft store and got two 10" hemispheres instead.


That's better. I still think it's slightly too big, but Michael's doesn't sell anything smaller and also I'm lazy.

To make his mask, I first glued down an initial layer of burlap that wouldn't be seen, allowing me to make all kinds of cuts and seams to get it smooth. For the second layer, I pinned the burlap into place as smoothly as I could on the front and then did all the seaming and folding at the back of the head. The center seam was just made by folding the burlap over on itself and using yarn and a darning needle to tack it down before I started draping. I probably should have used twine, but working with the burlap was already irritating my skin and I didn't want to add hand sewing twine on top of that.


After that, I glued on the eyes and sewed the mouth on with more yarn. I plan to redo the mouth eventually, as I feel I made it too low and spread out, but once I start nitpicking I don't stop, so I knew if I wanted to display him at all this year I had to put him outside imperfect for now.


I painted the fabric fingers with a peach fabric dye, and glued the lollipop and sack to the hands for added stability.


The lollipop was ordered from Trick or Treat Studios online.

He's now set up on my porch to watch over the neighborhood.

IMG_2160 (1).jpeg
IMG_2163 (1).jpeg


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Initially I thought my cat was just jealous I was spending so much time working on Sam, but the other night he got outside and started rubbing up against him. So I guess my cat supports Halloween pumpkin monsters. Or at least knows to stay on their good sides.

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