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    Hello everyone,

    It's been about a year since I last posted on here back when I was building my CHAPPiE cosplay! Thanks to all the help and support I received the costume was a great success — so I thought it would be worth while to post about my latest build the Watcher from Horizon Zero Dawn.

    What is a watcher? Basically it's like a giant robot raptor with a large eye. It's job is to watch over and guard other robots in Horizon Zero Dawn. Here is an image:
    Horizon Zero Dawn™_20181126181551.jpg

    Of course, like my last build it all started with planning. I used my PS4 to take reference photos of the Watcher from all angles, and then brought them into Adobe Illustrator to create my reference patterns. These were scaled accordingly to my body size (5'7" and 115lbs) then printed and taped together. From here I could begin!

    Starting with the head, I made a template from the Side and the Top.
    Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 2.36.44 PM.png
    Once I had my templates printed out to size, I started to put it together... Here is a photo montage of the head progress so far! This project was started in late December so I have most of the head complete already... it weighs 4lbs currently and thats without any of my LEDs, electronics, sound, batteries, the eye, etc.

    (Cosplay Foam by TrueNorthCosplay)
    51861009_10155787987450458_6186852797355393024_o.jpg 51985920_10155787988095458_7757280466419318784_o.jpg 51912012_10155787987305458_3947497385122332672_o.jpg 52105045_10155787987030458_1041001640489910272_o.jpg 51720749_10155787986945458_3386719156144439296_o.jpg 51892027_10155787986880458_4587732839788707840_o.jpg 52344278_10155787986580458_1936237584216752128_o.jpg 52038630_10155787986270458_1573565967307374592_o.jpg 52181504_10155787984940458_851407318594617344_o.jpg 52141351_10155787985325458_7289743005320216576_o.jpg 51857104_10155787985060458_3220993505111310336_o.jpg 51769727_10155787984545458_2699029063091093504_o.jpg 52269956_10155787984195458_4945028175550742528_o.jpg 51910858_10155787983840458_6211815473697259520_o.jpg 51760196_10155787983725458_996967273539305472_o.jpg 51620103_10155787983360458_1847761017400983552_o.jpg

    So thats the head constructed, and ready to be painted. I purchased a 11.5" Hamster Ball for the eye and some LEDs to make it light up, this will be added after the head got a base coat of primer and after details have been added to the eye.

    Now that I was as far as I could get with the head, it was time to move onto the body... which is MUCH bigger!
    51786728_10155787990795458_759189070759854080_o (1).jpg

    More Updates soon!
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    Building the body of the watcher is very similar to the head. First I started off by drawing up my patterns in Adobe Illustrator from the top and the side. I then printed these at full scale and began building out the pattern on my foam: Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 2.33.22 PM.png Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 2.33.33 PM.png
    My body was made entirely out of EVA foam from True North Cosplay in Montreal, Canada. I apologize for any writing on the photos, most of my progress was tracked on my instagram amuelb.
    IMG_20190206_221319_732.jpg IMG_20190206_221526_524.jpg

    Building foam domes for the first time:
    IMG_20190207_211134_385.jpg IMG_20190207_211205_077.jpg IMG_20190207_211229_141.jpg IMG_20190207_211258_416.jpg View attachment 996435 View attachment 996436 IMG_20190211_225226_512.jpg IMG_20190226_235046.jpg
    Building the spine of the watcher first helps give me a better idea of how things will fit together once they're built. This way it's more like an oversized puzzle.
    IMG_20190218_181337_375.jpg IMG_20190218_214810_056.jpg IMG_20190220_232909_778.jpg IMG_20190224_144622_565.jpg IMG_20190226_131213_824.jpg IMG_20190226_131213_823.jpg IMG_20190226_131213_826.jpg IMG_20190226_131213_829.jpg IMG_20190228_203134_224.jpg IMG_20190228_213206_969.jpg

    After attaching the trim to the butt this is the result! It's not complete by any means, but day by day it gets a little closer. For the body I still need to build out the frame to support the shape, the front, the side vent and the area where my legs will attach to the body. I decided to move onto the legs before proceeding with the rest of the body that way I would know where I need to make room to accommodate the legs and what areas will need less detail since they'll be covered.

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