Life-size Terminator Endoskeleton Sintra/MDF


Newbie here and just wanted to show my partial scratch built Terminator Endoskeleton. I'm new to prop making and chose bit of a beast for 1st my project.

This took me approx 2 years to complete on and off with work and family commitments. There are still a few minor things left to do, such as the shoulders.

I have some pics from the build project which I can upload.

The basis frame is made up of PVC pipe with elbow joints with the aim to allow some articulation. Sintra and MDF are then used to build up the detail. He does stand unaided without the middle tube but this was added for stability as I have young children. The head was an Ebay purchase - cold cast resin I believe.

Die hard Terminator fans will notice that it is not a 100% replica but i'm happy with the way he turned out.

I wanted to make an Endo that was battle hardened (more Salvation meets COD) and not a shiny time travelling toaster!

Hope you like!!!

Thanks for the comments -

The endo is a touch over 6ft 5ins.

I think the sideshow one's are approx 6ft 3ins.

And you have small children? Haha how do they take to having a 6'5" doomsday robot guarding that door?! :p That is amazing work and far better than anything I could do. Do you have pictures of the build or closer pictures of the finished product?
Guess what it is?

Hard to believe that this started out as a simple PVC pipe man.

My kids love the Terminator, not sure about adults who visit the house though - they get a bit freaked out!
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