Life Size Predator 1

Emilio Lopez

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Hey Everyone!

I started working on my life size Stan Winston predator P1 statue.

A fully working gauntlet computer is on its way for the left arm
Also a working mechanism for the blades on the right arm is on it's way to me.

Started working on the feet today, they are almost done..

Still waiting for the leggs to arrive.

Scott Marshall is making me a fully complete open mouth P1 head
Also he´s making me the neckless, bones throphies, blades, netting, neckring, hipbag, Fisted Right Hand and an Open Left Hand.

Searching for a human life size replica spine for on it´s back.

Well check out the pics.


View attachment 17232

View attachment 17233

View attachment 17234

View attachment 17235

View attachment 17236

View attachment 17237

View attachment 17238

View attachment 17240

View attachment 17241 [/QUOTE

Killer Stuff! Lot of Airbrushing? Haha


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I wish I had such an amazing artist for a neighbor. Where it will be displayed when finished?? Did you make a room for it yet??
sorry for the late reply, i forgot all about my post, the pred is standing in my living room, among a huge predator collection in my entire house


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