Life Size Keaton Batman 1989 AND now Nicholson Joker Last Page!


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Hey gang,

Here is the newest member of my team, my life size Keaton Batman. I know he isn't perfect and I have some eventual swapping to do. Particularly, I would love to buy a more accurate cape.

Here he is...









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Re: Life Size Keaton Batman 1989

Thanks man, looks really good though. The suit looks really good. Any ideas for a base or will it just be free standing
Re: Life Size Keaton Batman 1989

As of now he is just free standing. Perhaps someday bases for my life-sizers could be neat.

The costume is in fact fully wearable!

Thanks for everyone's comments I really appreciate them.
Re: Life Size Keaton Batman 1989

I was really excited to put this together, but the inaccuracies I now know about are driving me pretty crazy (Thanks RPF). Don't you hate when that happens? I honestly was perfectly content before I knew the cape was supposed to be latex, the boots were supposed to be Nike, the cowl isn't shaped perfectly. I am thinking I might just need to leave it be for a few weeks and unlearn what I have learned!! Otherwise, I might just end up spending a fortune replacing the whole thing piece by piece! :lol
Re: Life Size Keaton Batman 1989

Thanks DV! Really appreciate that.

Just wondering if it's worth changing the boots for something more accurate? Personally, I'm pretty happy with it. The cape being cloth and not latex bothers me.
Re: Life Size Keaton Batman 1989

Yes- the boots. Those buckles are killing me. :unsure

Otherwise the display is great! :thumbsup

Re: Life Size Keaton Batman 1989

Click on the link below for some pics of a Keaton suit that was on display at The Museum of Cartoon Art in Rye, NY back in the early 90's. Maybe they can be heplful. You can't see from these pics, but the boots (at least the bottoms) are made by Nike and actually have the yellow "swoosh" on the outer sides. If you look at the straps on the instep, you can see NIKE on them.

1989 Keaton Batsuit
Re: Life Size Keaton Batman 1989

I really appreciate the comments. Thanks timbs2007 for the compliment.

Thank you so much for the critique SSB and that link JF. That was incredibly helpful.

My boots are all cloth and seem to have been made to resemble the Nike set up, but obv. fail to hit the mark. I wouldn't have minded, but your right the buckle is just too big.

Am I wrong in thinking that the boots DID have a silver buckle, but just a much smaller one? Evident here:

Re: Life Size Keaton Batman 1989

Anybody recognize the boots on my Batman? I MIGHT be ok with them if I change the buckle.

Any other advice on finding boots? I have never posted on BOTB and feel kind of dirty to register just to ask to buy pieces.
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